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  1. Upgrades

    Just installed Flowmaster 309S cat back exhaust system, with Hush technology. Has a rumble like a mustang at idle. Semi quite while tooling around back and forth to work. When you get on it the exhaust comes alive and sounds extremely nice. does not sound like a rice burner. Actually has a rumble of a bigger engine than a 4 cylinder from the sound of it, real head turner with surprised looks. :)
  2. Upgrades

    At first I got the Sedan automatic because I was getting tired of using manual transmissions but tend to miss it every so often. With the appearance and color scheme that the US has, this is what we are used to, I guess.
  3. Upgrades

    I know the front end takes after the Astin Martin since Ford owns them.
  4. Upgrades

    2015 Ford Fiesta SE Sedan 1.6L Factory: 130 HP K&N Cold air intake: 3-5 HP Innovative Chip: 35 HP HP now: 170ish not on yet, Flowmaster 10 series muffler: 5 HP No dyno, increase in response, faster take off, hitting higher speeds faster. Not to shabby Eye appeal: Liquid Gold Vinyl stripes on Ruby Red paint. Stands out very nice. Stark Industries on the back lower bumper cut into the vinyl. Seat Covers of Ironman, Wind flares over the windows, lower accent lights with turn signal function not from Ford installed by me. lol looks pretty cool in my opinion. Looking into LED headlights as well. Will update pics soon. What other upgrades are worth looking into? Any thoughts?
  5. Hello New Guy here.

    Additions: K&N Cold air intake system, booster computer chip. ECB Performance Brakes. started around 130 HP now around 175 HP with these additions.
  6. StarkOhio

    2015 Ford Fiesta SE
  7. Hello New Guy here.

    Hello just found this site and jumped in feet first. I drive a 2015 Ford Fiesta SE Automatic 1.6L. Just a few pics of my car since I added liquid vinyl stripes. I recently removed the 2 outer stripes on the hood to create the visual of an inverted IronMan mask. See you on the Forums!