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  1. Clutch

    A quick check shows it's about 4-5 hours and costs a not-insignificant £600-700. I recall having a new clutch on my Renault years ago and they had to remove most of the engine to do it
  2. Things I Don't Like

    Creations is even worse than standard 10. It made a right mess of my last laptop, hence having to buy a new one. It downloaded on to my old laptop last month and left so my conflicts within the system it never ran properly again. Even restoring the system didn't help and it got to the point that it just kept crashing and shutting itself down
  3. Things I Don't Like

    Sounds like Windows 10 Creations. Did my new laptop yesterday, took a couple of hours in total. They seem to have sorted the bugs out now so should be okay.
  4. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    Couldn't agree more.
  5. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    I bought my Focus from Evans Halshaw and they were very good, gave me a very good trade in on my Renault, provided me with a new service book when the original got lost and didn't even complain when I damaged one of the alloys of the test car. I suppose each dealer franchise has good and bad dealerships
  6. Very Poor on Fuel

    Your engine will have to work harder with the bigger wheels See number 6 on the attached link
  7. Very Poor on Fuel

    Air conditioning on in one car only or running at a higher state in the less efficient car because it's aged quicker. Tyre pressures would have an affect mpg. Also your tyres may have a more grippy surface on the less economical car, so creating more rolling resistance The person servicing the more economical car may be better at their job than the one doing the other and so it runs more efficiently
  8. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    You'll be able to take the car to any Ford Dealer; the key will be that it's done to Ford standards, not by whom.
  9. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    To me this is not a friendly response from someone that you want to be helpful. The proof is available, as a web page can be recovered even after deletion. However, the dealership would have to do that as it is their page and the above response and the likelihood of them being liable, would mean they are not likely to do this. They would only do it if they were right or they were legally enforced to do so.
  10. Missing FSH Dealer issues

    You're being very patient. I wouldn't give them 2 weeks
  11. Alloy Wheel Cap

    Back in the 1990's I had a Renault 5 GT Turbo (phase 2) and the centre part of the alloy wheel just popped off with a screwdriver; they were constantly being nicked. They were £15 each (about £100 a set in today's money). In the end I just left them off, the wheel looked awful, but it got too expensive to replace them. Also it was obvious they were new as the new alloy hadn't aged like the rest of the wheel, so it didn't look good anyway. Most wheels don't use this type of design now, because of this, which is why you can usually see the wheel nuts. The caps were of no use to anybody unless they also had a Renault 5 GT Turbo, so I can only imagine people who owned one had their centre caps stolen, they then stole someone else's, who in turn stole someone else's and so on. It's also possible they could have been stolen just for the sake of it or to sell on a it was really easy pickings for a thief
  12. Servicing.

    Still includes the Ford Assist
  13. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Comparing my present Fiesta to my previous Focus ST, the heavier Focus tended to ride the smaller bumps better, but larger ones rocked the car due to the stiffer suspension. On very uneven road surfaces; not necessarily pitted, but just not laid very well; there is little difference. The wider profile tyres of the Focus would cause the car to pull more noticeably left/right when it encountered a larger bump (tramlining) All these affects though are as Phil has said, noticeable at all speeds I had my 2 front tyres replaced when the car was 26 months old (had to get them shipped up specially and at great expense, because there was no stock in Shetland - Continentals I think, but exact replicas of the existing ones from new). 9 months later I got a puncture and had to replace asap - a Goodrich was fitted. Eventually the other front was also replaced with a Goodrich. I noticed a small tremor (not a wobble, but each person could interpret it differently) in the steering at all speeds, that hadn't been there before. The tyres are cheaper and so that could have been the cause. However, I think it was more likely that the tyres hadn't been put on straight. As I did a very low mileage, the tyres were not replaced again although I had the wheels moved front-to-back later to extend tyre wear and the wheels rebalanced and tracked on numerous occasions, the tremor never left.
  14. Servicing.

    I bought a Service Plan a couple of months ago, not Ford's own, but from a large well known dealership. The services are to Ford specification. Cost for a new car varies from length of contract and engine size. Mine was £499 for the first 4 services plus the first 2 MOT's. They also do plans for older cars
  15. iPhone x

    Only had 5 mobiles in my life and spent a total of £55. First one was free off my brother (end of contract), 2nd one I really pushed the boat out and spent £40, the third and fourth also were free off my brother at the end of his contracts and then the last one and the one I still have, cost all of £15