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  1. Turbo Whine

    Leak off test fine and garage couldn't get the car to start rough??!?????? Like WHAT! It is rough running every single morning for me, they tested it three mornings and said they couldn't see an issue. Get it home and the next day worse than ever with tons of blue smoke pouring out and rough as hell until it is warm, my parents who i purchased the car from are just saying that is how diesels run but i have owned Audi's and Mercedes diesels without them being like that at all! I am about to drive it off a cliff (probably with me inside it as i give up).
  2. Dash problem

    If you still require a repair then i used a guy on Ebay called dieselpumprepair2 had a quick turn around of under a week and he gives warranty (lifetime i think). Lots of other listings on ebay aswell if you want to try someone else. P.S It cost me £49.99, I think if he gets it and tests it but it shows as working then I think it is only £20 for the test.
  3. Turbo Whine

    Thanks I have tried the disconnect of MAF which didn't improve the conditions, I shall do a check on glowplug fuse and test terminals thanks. will see if the garage can do compression and leak off for me as I don't have the equipment for that.
  4. Car wont crank?

    Thanks everyone for your help it was the cluster, had it repaired by the guy on Ebay with a lifetime warranty and the car is ALIVE! however still runs like a bag of £$%# when cold but that is something else i need to figure out (Different Thread).
  5. Car wont crank?

    Many thanks for all the information, Unfortunately i am not that brilliant with a soldering iron so have sent it off to this guy. Hopefully this will resolve the issue, not holding out hope that it will fix the rough running when cold though, I have only had the car since august and trying to figure out the problems i have already replaced the Oil Filter and Oil Air FIlter Fuel Filter Glow Plugs Battery (Old one was knackered) Also had to replace two wheel bearings Purchased the car for £1000 and within two months spent an additional £200 plus on it and its even worse than when i started as i now have the cluster failure. Not much luck with my first ford, may have to return to Audi one day when i can afford to.
  6. Car wont crank?

    Thanks, Any idea if a second hand one will work?
  7. Car wont crank?

    Hiya, I went to the car this morning and started it with our spare key which started fine, sat for a few mins then loads of lights came on the dash, with the engine still running i tried to rev the car but it wouldnt rev at all so i turned the car off and tried to start it with my normal key and it lights up the dash but will not crank at all, the battery is fine and brand new. My code reader brings up U0001 and U0073 The imobiliser light code seems to flash slow twice then fast 5 times? I have removed the battery for 30 mins and reconnected but nothing. Any ideas? I need it for work tomoz! Its a Focus MK2 2005 2.0TDCI Titanium
  8. Turbo Whine

    I have now done one more thing and that's replace the fuel filter which unfortunately did not make any difference with the rough running, has any one else ever had this problem and resolve it?
  9. Turbo Whine

    Thanks for all the info regarding the Turbo, I have decided to leave it until it gets worse as it is not worth changing right now due to costs. As for the rough running, i have had the glow plugs changed but it still is very rough running and knocking with the smoke as well still, any other ideas? would an engine management light come on and a code if one of the glow plugs was not getting power? as obviously I have no idea if they are all even heating up.
  10. Turbo Whine

    Thanks for the info, yes oil is fine and i changed the oil and filter to check as it was due soon which made no difference. I wouldn't say its majorly loud just it didn't do it before, i took it to a ford specialist and they said they think the turbo bearing needs replacing but they said not really worth me using them to do it as it would cost more than the cars worth.
  11. Turbo Whine

    Thanks yes it is a 2.0tdci, thanks i was thinking glow plugs but wanted someone elses opinion, now for the whining issue.
  12. Turbo Whine

    Hiya, i have been googling this issue but most people suggest theirs also make a "wooshing" sound so decided to write my own. I have two issues, one has been like it since i got it and one only came on recently. The one that i have had since purchasing 3 weeks ago is that it seems to be really rough running when cold and has a sort of knocking sound and a fair amount of blue smoke from exhaust, this all goes away once the car has warmed up after a few mins but is really annoying. The other issue that suddenly started the other day is a whining noise that i believe is the turbo as it seems to be when its getting the power as it does not do it at low RPM. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance. Edit: Forgot to add the specs, it is a 2.0tdci Focus Titanium 2005