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  1. Dealer vs Private

    Thanks for your input, i was thinking the major thing to test for when buying private is head gasket failure and you can buy a test kit for 30 quid or so, if the head is ok then theres nothing That much worse
  2. Dealer vs Private

    OK, i'll keep it short, How much extra do you pay when buying from a dealer and not private? i saw a private car for sale for close to a grand less than roundabout the same spec car from a dealer, would a 5-6 year old car really cost me £1000 to repair in a year?? are dealers secretly selling us the 1 year 'free' warranty??
  3. Clicking noise on cold start

    I had my cars thermostat housing replaced and i now have a clicking noise when i start my car up from cold, the noise goes away straight away after i start moving and doesnt do it anymore during continued use during the day, until it has been stood overnight, then it does it again, any ideas?
  4. A major service will include:- Oil change Oil filter change Fuel filter change Air filter change Spark plug change Levels topped up (you can do this yourself but the garage tricks you into thinking they are doing something amazing) lol A minor service will include :- Spark plug change Oil filter change Levels topped up The price for parts for a major service will come to about £50 price for a minor service parts will come to about £20 My advice, buy a haynes manual (£20) and buy a full service kit for your car from ebay, then do it yourself, youll be suprised just how easy it is and save you a fortune, the prices you have been quoted are ridiculous
  5. Mk6 Fiesta Rattle in Neutral - New Clutch!

    think youve answered your own question mate, the noise was there from the day you had the clutch replaced = GARAGES'S FAULT, get onto them and get it sorted asap (FOR FREE)
  6. Coolant - Steam from under the bonnet

    Turns out its the Thermostat housing x
  7. Coolant - Steam from under the bonnet

    the work done is still under warranty so its upto the garage to sort it, thats something at least
  8. Coolant - Steam from under the bonnet

    So 8 months ago i had my head gasket replaced, 2 days later i notice steam coming from under the bonnet, turns out it was the thermostat, everything was fine until today, steam once again coming from under the bonnet , cooolant tank virtually empty...so, in the past 8 months its had a brand new head gasket, brand new thermostat, brand new coolant tank cap... Any ideas what it could be this time???
  9. Ford Fiesta mk 5 engine cutting out.

    is in cutting out when idle or cutting out while actually driving
  10. Coolant

    I'm topping my coolant up by about 2 pints every 7/8 thousand miles, ford fiesta 53 plate, is this the normal?? thanks people :)
  11. Cutting out

    When i come to a junction my car is cutting out when it should be idle, the strange thing is that this only happens in the cold months, in the summer it NEVER happens, any ideas???
  12. Clutch

    Also i have been seeing clutch kits With a central slave cylinder and those without, which one do i buy???
  13. Clutch

    How long should it take a garage to fit a clutch? think mines on its way out and need to make sure i get the best possible price :)
  14. coolant leaking, smoke coming from under the bonnet???

    turns out it was the rocker cover gasket and the fluid was infact oil not coolant :)
  15. coolant leaking, smoke coming from under the bonnet???

    its in the garage now, he said with confidence it wouldnt be the head gasket...