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  1. Part number

  2. Part number

    Hi Thanks but the number I was told to look for was 3S5T-10849DH. I have seen two one ending in DF and DB. I don't know wherever to purchase one of these because it is one letter out. I do drive in the dark either early morning or late evening and it is driving me nuts.
  3. Part number

    Hi I need to replace my instrument cluster . I have seen one but where my part number ends DH this one ends DF are they that different?
  4. Hi everyone just bought a used 05 KA bought it does have a problem , the backlight for the speedo and fuel gauge does not work. The previous owner says the connection needs to be soldered but I am no auto electrician so I was thinking of swapping instrument clusters. Is this easy or is there a lot more involved ? just trying to keep repair costs low, Any suggestions would help, thanks