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  1. Hiiiii. Im back with Ford after 10 years! i have an audio question. There are some similar posts but hard to pinpoint my exact circumstances. My 59 Fiesta has standard radio system with Bluetooth phone connection. My iPhone is connecting fine for calls. The music player defaults when connecting to playing audio over the Bluetooth but the car doesn’t give an option for aux > Bluetooth. Only line in. Ive seen that if the car doesn’t have a USB input next to line in then it won’t support bluetooth Music playing. Im just wondering if there’s an update or back way of activating Bluetooth music over the radio system or is my system fully unsupportive of it? It was just weird that the phone shows it as playing music via the car but the car doesn’t have any way of selecting Bluetooth audio input.... well that I know of anyway. Thank you I’ve tried the audio command > external device > Bluetooth > play thing but that doesn’t work for me