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  1. Problem solved. It ran almost 1 hour at the MOT test, no issues with the water having the new coolant expansion tank fitted. Thanks everyone.
  2. Changed the cooling tank with a new one. I left the car with engine ON in idle for 5 minutes, but I'm afraid to leave it more. If the boiling wasn't due to the old cracked tank, can the pressure destroy the new tank or hoses?
  3. Still waiting for the new tank to arrive. I pulled out the small hose and it evacuated out all the water from the tank with engine ON, so this means the water pump works OK? And how can I check if the thermostat is working properly? The temperature on the dashboard is always OK. When starting the car in the morning it's way low on the graph and slowly ascends to normal after a few minutes of driving.
  4. Is it easy to change the tank? Can I do it? Just ordered a new one, should be here on Monday.
  5. How do I check if water comes trough the small hose? Found a tank on Amazon for £17. I think I could change it myself. Just 2 screws and 2 hoses? Will have to empty the water in a bucket from the large hose in the bottom?
  6. Replaced the cap with a new one. Now I observed that there is a small crack in the coolant expansion tank. The crack is on top right below the cap. Again, after aprox 10 minute while parked and engine ON the coolant starts to rise and comes out trough the crack. Is the small crack the reason for coolant rise because there is a pressure issue? Or the thermostat is defective too?
  7. Yeah, found one at £8. Should I also try to run the engine while stationary without the cap on?
  8. Hiya, In the Youtube video link https://youtu.be/XTPvOdnKrkA you can observ please that I loose water/coolant over the coolant tank cap on Fiesta 2004. Some details : - in only happens when the car is parked with the engine on for more than ~ 5 minutes after a short drive. There is no lights coming on the dashboard, temp display says normal. - while driving there are no issues regarding engine temp and the car runs perfect. No lights coming up on dashboard, temperature says normal. If I stop the engine right after a drive, there is no boiling and the cooling tank can be touched, it's not mega hot. - there are no other coolant leaks anywhere on the car, just trough the cap - the cap is properly tightened - if I leave the engine on for more then 10 minutes while parked, the whole water boils away trough the cap and I have to refill. - weirdly, after about 20 miles of driving the gearbox gets stiff. It's possible that the coolant /cooling system heating up transfers some of the heat to the gear box? Cheers