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  1. Thanks. Am I right to assume once either of those starts to fail, it could go catastrophically at any time? It looks like I'm squeezing the family back into the Micra until I can get it looked at.
  2. Hi folks, I've just bought a Fiesta (1.4 petrol Titanium, 2010). I'm really pleased with it - lots of toys that I've not had on any of my previous cars, but it does have a disturbing sounding rattle/knocking when I press the clutch in. It's still under warranty from the dealer so I'll be taking it in to get this checked, but I've got to drive a couple of hundred miles tomorrow, and don't want to risk something failing on the way. I've recorded a video which shows the noise it makes (excuse the socks!). I'd really appreciate it if someone could have a listen, and let me know if they think it's something I should be worried about urgently, or if the car should be fine to drive until I can get it looked at. It doesn't sound too bad, but if there's a danger of a flywheel disintegrating or a bearing failing and wrecking the clutch, I'll take my little old Micra instead. Cheers, Alan