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  1. sync update? navigation? f3 to f5?

    Thxs again will give it ago
  2. sync update? navigation? f3 to f5?

    Stoney871 is there any chance you can send me the above software as I am try do do a version of the SD card for my ford focus 2015 I have done my sat nav in the car but is having trouble in copying the SD card (F5).Many thxs in advance
  3. Many Thanks to Bannko for all his input to this subject
  4. hi all

    thxs dezwez
  5. @Bannko Could i please have a PM with the wisdom you have shared with others here, many thxs
  6. hi all

    Hi to everyone just updated my car to a 2015 focus titanium and is looking to turn on my satnav and read a lot on this site and is looking to find more info on my car