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  1. Hello from Belfast

    Thanks mate. I had cleaned it this morning but didn't think of taking a picture until I was walking back to it when I took that after driving it for a couple of hours so its a bit dusty in that. Yea I had actually already checked it before I bought the car which was handy. I geeked out for about 2 weeks just going through the forum looking for anything I should be aware of before I got it last week.
  2. Modifications

    I'm not sure what modifications I am going to do on my car as I am in the process of trying to sort out a house out. Building site springs to mind so my changes will be small to start with. I am thinking of a k and n air filter but am not sure if it's worth while for the cost and what it's going to gain me without bigger mods like a remap or something. Any advice or wisdom is welcome in regards to the filter haha. I actually was a bit disappointed with the boot interior lights so I replaced them with led's. I also have a red Zetec S badge to put on the front grill. Subtle additions really. I should have taken a picture of the boot with the standard lights but I just have this picture of one of each and then when I changed them both. I think it's makes all the difference now.
  3. Hello from Belfast

    Thanks for the welcome. I should say I drove a 2007 Seat Ibiza for 7 and a bit years so it was very much time for a change. It's so much more refined than the ibiza and it's not slow either haha
  4. Hi folks, my name is Scott and I normally just look through the forums but as I joined this one, I thought I'd go ahead and introduce myself as I took the plunge and bought my 2nd car. I bought a used mk3.5 Focus Zetec S 1.5 ecoboost last weekend. Attached a picture as well. You guys will probably see plenty of questions and requests of advice. Scott