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  1. "Ford Sound 2008" and CD Changer 2050

    Don't worry, found it. PC9-402 autoleads. But would be grateful if someone could tell me how the rear demister aerial works...Thanks!
  2. Hi there, I have just bought a Granada and realised the Sierra has the same type of radio system. I have two questions and hoping you could help me: 1) What type of harness / ISO do I need if I want to change to a modern type stereo, there seems to be lots of unfamiliar wiring... 2) Do you know where is the best place to obtain a radio code (preferably free :-)), I have a "Ford Sound 2008", pre the 1.5 din system I had on my very old Mondeo? Thanks in advance! Angus
  3. Hi there, Just want to introduce myself. My first car was a Ford Mondeo (cheaper insurance than Focus or Fiesta). It was a Mk2 1.8 Verona. ...and many cars later, I bought a K-reg Granada 2.0 Scorpio Auto yesterday. I do have some problems with the car, and will post elsewhere. So hello! Angus