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  1. I have an 2002 focus tdci ghia, (only bought it a month ago and all is great) except that the passenger front power window opened by itself while driving and refused to close - until about 5 mins later, did this 3 times that day. not draed to use as i was on holiday. all other windows working Ok Help!
  2. I have owned 2 1.8tdci focuses, and had No problems with the engines and around 50mpg combined, 55+ on longer runs. The current 1.6tdci develops plenty of power and acceleration at lower revs than a petrol and far better fuel economy ( and road tax)
  3. I use Tomtom with no prblems mounted on heated f screen :)
  4. Just got a TDCI and wondering how would i know if the flywheel failure so often mentioned is likely to occur- Can I test it in some way? the car has 96K on the clock.
  5. Hi just acquired a focus estate. I like it but have many questions... Joe :)