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      it has been noted that too many Members are posting messages in the General Chat area instead of the correct Forums. Any messages posted in the General Chat area that are not General Chat will be deleted without warning and offenders may recieve warning points if repeated instances are seen from that Member. There are plenty of different Club areas that encompass 99% of Ford related posts, please select and use the correct one. If anyone is not sure of which area to post something then feel free to P/M myself or other Senior Staff for guidance. The Moderating Staff are having to spend far too much time chasing this problem instead of maintaining the other areas of the forum.


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  1. had this trouble with a peugeot, locking nuts, got my mate to weld a strong bar on the nuts,only then did they come off but there was tight has owt,
  2. tyres

    hi have alloys on my street car but changing them,mine are 195x45x16 inside rim 6. so hi got some more alloys ,195x45x16. inside rim 6.5 now they a bit to wide. so what size spacers do hi need to make the new ones fit,