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  1. Replacing rear fog light on Fiesta Mk7

    Cheers for the reply! Got it all fixed up now i tried having a look myself but ended up getting ford to do it for £40 so wasn't too bad!
  2. Someone recently smashed my rear fog light on my Fiesta which was brought in September 2009, does anyone know how easy they are to replace and costs? A quick guide to how to change it would be great! Thanks
  3. Ford Y Cable

    Nice 1 i will prob get a memory stick for it then, it might even be a bit quicker going through the music. Cheers
  4. Hooray ... I've finally got a build date

    Yeah I have gone for USB. I told the dealer I want a discount on my first service and a full tank of fuel but he just laughed at me!!
  5. Ford Y Cable

    Does anyone know if you can use a memory stick in the USB connection and control it off the steering wheel? Waiting for my Titanium to be delivered and I am undecided whether to get the cable or use a memory stick! Cheers
  6. Hooray ... I've finally got a build date

    Ordered my Titanium about mid June and was only just given a build date of 7th September a few weeks ago! Not given a delivery date. Why does it take them so long to build a car! Anyone get any freebees out of the dealer for the delay?