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  1. brakes

    No that wouldnt be worth doing, the issue is not the caliper. if the piston is gone the brakes would be seezed and wouldnt not push back in. Just have the drivers side cleaned, sanded and greased it should solve the issue. If not spend money on some better pads. Maybe your drums need doing too even if the noise isnt just from the front.
  2. Rear parking sensors mk3 (2013)

    You dont need the sat nav screen for rear sensors they work on even the monochrome screen, i imagine after having all the wires in place its just a matter of using the FoCCCus software to state you have rear sensors, you should also use FoCCCus to change the settings for the screen. This should be all you need to do. I dont think there is a seperate module for parking sensors however i may be wrong.
  3. Brake pedal play

    How are you going about bleeding the system? Maybe there is still air in there.
  4. Air Con Issue, Not working

    Thanks guys, ill get it looked at maybe tomorrow and see how it goes. Cheers
  5. brakes

    Ahh so maybe it is the drums, this is something ull have to make sure off.
  6. Air Con Issue, Not working

    So whats my first course of action without spending unnecessary money? Go for the re-gas first and see where the leak is then proceed from there? Obviously if the condenser is done for, im wasting my money right? Iv just checked Groupon and the closest place it an hours drive from me. Is halfords really that bad? Its just round the corner.
  7. brakes

    Another way to check this is get a friend to stand at the end of a road and listen to you braking to idenify the noise. I have had the same issue, it can sound like the front and its the rear. So you can spend lots of time on the front and it wont even be the front. Although it doesnt matter how many people do the job, some people dont do the job properly. The slightest deposits of dirt etc can cause a noise. Copper ease can attract dirt over time, so if everything is not cleaned properly when fitting new pads, it may cause an issue. The smallest thing can cause this.... I have instances where everything looks all good and clean and its not. So give everything a proper clean and going over and the noise goes. Its annoying but if your thurra you should be fine. Before you do this make sure you know exactly where the noise is from.... Dont want to be doing the front drivers side wasting all your time and its not even that. Hard braking may just stop the noise because of heat etc, i wouldnt be slamming on anyway when pads are first bedding in, this can cause noise in itself. Try this, put your handbrake slightly on maybe half way and then come to a stop . Make sure its just slightly on and engaged dont want to be doing as 360 on public roads. This should help you figure out if its the fronts.
  8. Air Con Issue, Not working

    Which part is this, will it need replacing/repaired?
  9. Air Con Issue, Not working

    I know nothing about the AC system which part is the condenser, where is it located? Will i need to buy this part? I know where the piping and stuff is. I have the ST front end on my car and the grill is way more open than the other bumpers (honeycomb grill has lots of gaps). Which i image could allow stones to get there on the motorway etc. So im best to get myself to halfords and get it done there? I wouldnt use them, however they are litterally 5 minute drive from me so its ideal.
  10. Air Con Issue, Not working

    Thanks for the reply, i do have a halfrauds round the corner so i think this is the easiest option for me and iv heard if it doesnt work you get it for free. The AC button lights up yes, i never hear the AC fan since i got the car even when it was working? Atleast im sure i couldnt hear it. Maybe im wrong. I hope there is not more than just the gas being wrong with it. But like i said i never really did use it, except from trying it in summer and it wouldnt blow cold.
  11. brakes

    Drums are notorious for noise due to brake dust, just make sure. If your saying "sounds like" i sence your not 100 percent. So its a all windows down job when your driving and making sure it is indeed the front drivers side. If indeed its just the drivers side, take out the pads, sand everywhere where the pad make contact including the inside bit of the caliper where it makes contact with back of the pad and then use the copper ease covering all areas and dont be shy with it. Then sand the face of each pad evenly (not hard, just corse it up). Then go easy to bed the pad back in, dont slam on. Also sand the outer edge of the disc if there is a lip forming on both sides dont be afaird to go hard on the disc. If you do this and it squeeks its the pads, get oem or a better brand, however if its just one side its probably down to vibration noise. Once the pad makes a little contact (light braking) with the disc as you can imagine with the pads in there fixed position with no where to go and the force of the piston, its metal on metal so they vibrate, certain vibrations make sound, copper ease will solve this. There are other things you can use but copper ease will be enough if done properly. I suggest after sanding well making sure all the crap is removed from all areas, get a rag and break cleaner and leather it on and make sure its as clean as you can get it. With part of the caliper off you can also check how freely the pads will slide, some makes can be tight some can be loose. Just be observant, the brake setup like i said is quite simple. im sure if its just the one side then you have missed something, im guessing not sanding properly and maybe the back of the pads/ not sanding where it makes contact on the caliper or not enough copper ease, a little flick of it will NOT do, it needs to be applied properly. Crap can build up at the inside of the caliper where the back of the pads sit making the pad sit ever so slightly uneven which again can cause a noise. Sand everywhere, so its like new. If you are not doing this yourself, make sure the person doing it doesnt take any shortcuts. If you do this, which shouldnt take long atall and it still does it, then new pads. But im guessing with one side only making noise its due to something thats been missed, garages take many shortcuts and although they may do the correct job they take shortcuts. This is why i always do my own brakes, do the job properly first time and you should never have an issue. I suggest doing this yourself, if you want something done properly do it yourself. Then you wont have to mess with your brakes for a very long time. Hope you get it sorted.
  12. Air Con Issue, Not working

    So my air con is not working in my 2013 focus. So iv went under the bonnet looked for splits in the piping etc and couldnt see anything. I used my key to push down valve where you can re-gas the aircon and a very tiny bit of gas came out then nothing. So the issue is obviously no gas in the system. My question is, can you loose gas without the being a leak. i NEVER really use aircon, but with the condensation in the mornings im sure it will clear my windows quicker. Is there a leak somewhere, there was a little bit of gas, 1 second worth? Would just regassing it be fine? Or is there a definate leak somewhere? Iv heard if you dont use aircon you can loose gas? Not sure on anything aircon related. Thanks
  13. brakes

    I doubt its the clips, i have always changed my own brake pads for years now and delt with this issue many times on my Fords. So if they have been installed correctly, cleaned, sanded on part of the caliper where the brakes sits/moved and fitted properly + copper ease, my guess is ***** break pads. You cannot use old pads on new discs. Hopefully you have not done this as it can cause this issue for many many miles even with new pads as it creates grooves and a lip based on old discs and will take forever to bed to new pads. However you said new discs and pads together so im assuming its not this. Cheap pads use different materials than other more expensive pads, the metal content in cheap pads can do this, maybe this could be your issue? If you have went for the cheaper pads, ebay pads or anything of that nature this may well be what it is. But i dont want to send you into a money pit, however pads are cheap so you should be ok. Is it both sides that make the noise? The brake setup on these cars are really simple it shouldnt be hard to spot what the issue will be, if you lived closer i would have taken a look for you. Please explain more if you can and maybe we can figure it out. There are not many things it can be to be honest. Are the calipers painted? Is there copper ease on each END of the pads and was the area sanded and cleaned off all dirt, also you need to put copper ease on the BACKS of the pads, copper ease is not just for greasing but it can stop vibrations which cause sound and believe me pads vibrate no matter what? Are the new pads with the new discs and where the they cheapest ones (maybe case if both sides sqeek)? Have you made 100% sure its from the front, people car swear the sqeeel is from the front but infact its from the rear?
  14. Focsum MK3 1.6l Ti-VCT engine tremble issue

    i have the same engine and mine does not do this. So when you rev the engine over 1500 the whole car trembles? This is not normal, although depends what you mean. The desiel engines are quite noisey. Have you tried changing the fuel filter?