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  1. I have a Dec 2006 Focus Ghia 1.6 Tdci diesel automatic. It has done 54,000 miles. Runs great, but for the last 9 months I have had the following problem: When the car is sort of coasting along, I think maybe when it changes gear, only at 1200 to 1300 revs, there is a hesitation in the drive. It happens around 20 mph and 30 mph. It is difficult to get it to do it when you want to demonstrate it! It is only momentary. When the revs change and when the accellerator is pushed it runs properly. Never happens above 1300 revs. My regular garage said it could be several things! They have changed the fuel filter and when this had no effect they then changed the accelerator pedal - again didn't solve the problem. Ford agent in Chelmsford (Lookers) have had it in and could not even identify the fault? Googling has suggested an air flow sensor change and a new garage I went to recently, just for a chat, said that there can be problems with the fuel injector solenoids on this type of engine. Neither of these last two options have been explored further yet. Anyone else had this effect?
  2. May have solved the problem by claiming the disputed amount back from my credit card!
  3. Been using a good local garage to service my car for years. Had a fault with the air con which they couldn't fix so reluctantly went to Ford Garage here (Lookers, Chelmsford). Very nice feeling when booking in over the phone and asked if diagnostic fee is charged if I have the work is done with them - they said no. However, bill has diagnostic fee on it! Phone conversation cannot be found to substantiate my claim but still thinking of going to the small claims court. Anyone else had a similar problem? Nissan dealer (Glyn Hopkins) & Kwik-fit both said ato phone enquiry that the diagnostic fee is not charged if the work is done but I've not had to take them up on this yet!