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    Hi, Im a ford Focus C.Max owner, but i am also looking for a ford Ka too at the moment (also in back!). You seem very pleased with yours, hope i am with mine too. Glad you found this site, Anna.
  2. [it turned out to a crack in the radiator. Tho the water level remained constant. Odd. Had it done on the warrenty so that was good, Thanks for your ideas though, Anna.
  3. Ive a c max 1.6 tdci 04 plate. Recently when driving over 50mph the temp gauge shoots up to max temp 120degrees. The car then looses power as it goes into limpmode. On reducing my speed to under 50mph the gauge goes back down again to half way. I lifted the bonnet up (im a girl i thought it best i did so!) It did not seem that hot to me. This happened a few times so took it to a mechanic friend. He changed the sensor in thermostat and then the whole thermostat. Still no joy, its still doing it. The diagnostic machine came up with nothing also. Ive also noticed that as soon as i start driving even at low speed the temp gauge goes up to half way almost immedietly and fan kicks in. previously before all this it would go to 1/4 way up. Wondered if anyone had any ideas. Thanks
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    Hi all, im a newbie and just wanted to be part of the ford community. Ive got a c-max 1.6Tdci 04 Reg. Am both happy and not so much happy with the car depending on the day! Would like to share my experiences with other ford users and hopefully get some advise!. Anyway thats my intro, Bye for now. Anna