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  1. Things I Don't Like

    Keeping it diy, when you’re using your trusty mouse sander and halfway into the job it goes pop.
  2. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Made a mistake not gluing the headlight brows down when I first got them, which resulted in one flying off at 70. Couldn’t go back to get it so had to buy another pair. The first ones I didn’t paint (why I didn’t glue them down, I wanted to see how they looked first), but these I thought I’d have a go at. Not a bad result considering it's a rattle can job in my cold shed using a fan heater to “bake” them between coats. My first time painting pearl. There’s a few blemishes but all in all I’m happy to stick these on properly!
  3. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    Been a little while. I’ve made a few adjustments to the car, quick and dirty ones which many have done before but here we go... First up I fitted the “aluminium” gear knob insert from a fiesta, matches the handbrake handle better. Also some aluminium pedals, these come with the added benefit of telling me what car I drive in case I ever forget! I had to take the carbon film off the dash trims as it started to shrink and wrinkle in the cold. Oh well.
  4. Mobile speed camera

    There are multi camera vans, used to identify the driver from all angles. Also there’s a second camera between the front seats facing the front to catch bikers rear plates as they flick V’s thinking they are invulnerable... But speedo’s are usually optimistic unless you’ve been really naughty you may be ok. I went past one the other day overtaking a van and my speedo said 75 (on a dual carriageway). According to my gps that’s only 71.
  5. Connectors off inside of headlight

    So you’re fitting an aftermarket hid kit to a pair of aftermarket lights? i won’t go into the legalities (need for self levelling motors and headlight washers, etc). But if I remember rightly from when I fitted an aftermarket hid kit to my old vectra, the vendor probably meant the hid lamp will physically fit because it’s a replacement for a standard lamp (h4, h11 or whatever). Onto the blue block. I guess you’ve tried fitting it between ballast and lamp and that’s when it melted? If so that’s because of what I wrote earlier (25000v into a 12v device doesn’t work). It was probably meant to go on the low voltage (input) side, but that’s just guess. No instructions with the kit? What th diode is for I’m not sure. Could be to stop the lights faintly glowing when turned off or could be something to do with canbus?
  6. Connectors off inside of headlight

    The unburnt blue block has the image of a diode on it, and that’s what’s burnt in the image above. As I understand, HID’s run at a much higher higher voltage, typically 25000v to start and 100v to operate. If your car has hid’s a fuse won’t help and you might end up burning it down completely. A bit more info as to what you’re trying to do might help.
  7. Tyre noise on Mk2 Focus

    Are the tyres directional / asymmetrical? An easy first check would be to see if they are fitted the right way round. Running such tyres the wrong way can cause tyre noise.
  8. Do you leave your car in gear when you park?

    I used to always leave mine in gear but my last car and the focus have much better handbrakes so not any more. But I may still leave it if I’m parked on a steep hill. I sometimes leave it in gear with no handbrake if it’s getting icy. My vans rear brakes froze on when it was particularly cold down here.
  9. Get a steering lock now

    Or get a packet of crisps... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/27/australian-sacked-skipping-work-using-crisp-packet-hide-whereabouts/
  10. help focus driving me up the wall

    Reading a few other posts on here, it seems the focus is sensitive to battery / alternator faults. As we’re heading towards winter, and you’ve had alternator faults show up, that’s where I’d start looking.
  11. wheel nut sizes

    Having changed mine for a set of these this week I believe it’s one of the best “mods” to do when the car is new to you. The silly caps kept sticking inside my wrench and I needed to tap them out every time I changed one. Annoying enough when it’s fairly sunny but when you have a flat and it’s raining?
  12. Focus 1.6TDCi major problem

    I don’t know if they would supply the information, but the DVLA might have a database of engine numbers matched to cars (as its on the log book). From that you could find a registration number and then MOT history and mileage covered? But that’s just guesswork from me.
  13. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    I wasn’t sure, but I hated the hazing more. These are trc ones, the largest ones I could find...
  14. New motor (1.6TDCI Titanium Estate)

    I think I might call the car “Black hole”. Judging by the number of near misses from lane changers not seeing (or even looking) the car must be so black that light doesn’t escape it... Don’t know if this will help or hinder its visibility, but the o/s headlight had some heat damage to the lens from the sidelight. Looks like it wasn’t fitted properly and melted the surround, and caused hazing on the lens too. Couldn’t find a black headlight I liked on ebay, so bought some brows. Covers about 90% of the damage and blends fairly well to the car.