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  1. Focus Aircon Problem

    Thanks for the reply clarkost170. I tried to swap out the Aircon relay with I think it was the headlight relay last night as it had the same serial numbers and pin configuration in the under bonnet fuse box. No change, plus the swapped over relay still worked the headlamp units, so I have discounted my relay as at fault. The Haynes manual does say that the compressor pump can seize and I haven't used the aircon all winter like the handbook recommends you should. I also telephoned our local Kwik Fit garage for a regassing price and he did say "if you don't hear a 'click' when you turn on the aircon" then its a Ford job. Out of interest, Kwik fit do regassing for £45, the local Ford garage wanted £60. Let me know how you get on. Pierre
  2. Focus Aircon Problem

    Morning All from a new poster Hope someone can help, my 1998 Focus 1.8 LX aircon has decided to conk out, and based on what i have read and been told my problem lies with the Aircon compressor. Apparently, if you do not hear a click and the engine revs fall when i turn on the aircon then the compressor pump may be siezed. Has anyone any experience of this and advise if I should have a go at rectifying myself or send it to Ford dealers. Thanks in advance. Pierre