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  1. Steering 'Notchy' Advice Please

    Hopefully it will settle down but if the bearing seal and/or inner cage have been damaged then it may get worse. Time will tell.
  2. Steering 'Notchy' Advice Please

    I had something similar on my last Focus. Spring snapped and the steering sounded like a ratchet noise when steering. I was told by the mechanic the top of the broken spring had stuck into the top mount bearing. They replaced the bearing at the same time as the spring.
  3. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yes, they tried to peddle those extras on us on pourchase also. They also tried gap insurance which is much cheaper if you do an online search.
  4. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Have to say, when the Mrs talked to Ford a while back, they were very apologetic and they did say that when the vehicle arrives they WILL sweeten the delay with a goodwill gesture for us. We have a few thoughts of what to ask for which are pretty realistic we think.
  5. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    I reckon you are looking at late April, maybe they will get their fingers out and hammer production. I am dubious about that, they have at least a 2 week xmas shutdown @ Cologne i believe.
  6. No joy at a breakers yard for a good working 2nd hand replacement?
  7. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yes, we were contacted by the dealership yesterday. Our vehicle is set to now be "built" mid february, this "should" be delivered early to mid march. (Car was ordered August, it has been that long, i am forgetting) We are in no particular rush, as said before, the dealership have lent us a car until ours is delivered. There was a problem with the loan car is that the dealership could no longer insure it for us, as the maximum insurance duration for a loan car had elapsed. We had to insure said car ourselves, but the dealership have told us they will cover any cost incurred for having to insure the car. Luckily our insurers have been really good and have let us put an extra "courtesy" car on our insurance policy free of charge. All we have to do is renew this with them every 30 days. The dealership have obviously asked us to take a copy of "our" insurance documents in to them as it is their car we have insured. They have told us they will put us a full tank of fuel in the car when we do as a thank you for our continued patience. Can't ask any more, it isn't their fault, nor is it ours after all
  8. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yeah we thought if it runs to February we may try to get them to wait to put it on an 18 plate. If they will.
  9. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Hey Eric, there isn't any rush now she has another car. Why is it better to get the car registered in 2018 rather than December 2017? I know it would be 2018 registered but still 67 players?
  10. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Update above. Told delivery "SHOULD" be January. And this was ordered back in early August.
  11. Fiesta St Line X

    Had another update on Sunday. The car is now expected January 2018... To the dealerships credit, we collected the loan car Sunday, another 2017 st line. They loaned the Mrs a car as when she went to order she was having an operation on her hand which meant no driving for 15 to 20 weeks. The dealership encouraged her to sell her older Ford to them as her new one would be ready in plenty of time for her return to work. As they told her this they said we can have a loan car for as long as it takes. Loan car is the 125hp version and I have to say the acceleration, engine noise isn't anywhere as good as the 140hp. I know there is 15 difference but I didn't think it would be so different. Still it is free tax and insurance and a run around for the time being. I guess there must be significant differences between the 2 under the bonnet although everything looks pretty much the same.
  12. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Yes, i believe St Lines are available as they do not have leather or part leather seats, where as the X does.. It is leather seating across all models that is the issue i believe. Don't see the 140 1.0 being dropped for the time being, it is Ford's baby and they love it. Could always be wrong.
  13. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Updated yesterday, St line x will not have the production stop removed until 2nd week of December. The first releases will be on an age proviso . (Earlier orders first) We are looking at February for delivery, if so, then we will not accept the car or have it registered until then new 2018 plate is released in March! As said previously, the dealership have promised to loan us a car to be picked up this weekend so it is no big thing waiting a little longer.
  14. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    St Line X comes with a lot of the optional extras as standard for very little more than the St Line
  15. Mk8 Delivery Delays?

    Have been told it is a leather issue to do with the seating, started another topic before noticing this one, sorry. Our's has been made they say, it is just awaiting seats.... From other post, please feel free to delete mods, sorry. Ok, so the Mrs ordered a White Fiesta St Line X 140 with reversing camera back on August 12th. We didn't have a test drive as no demo car had been delivered but were promised one at beginning of September. Told when ordering that the car would be ready approx End of October, to be collected. Had a phone call mid September saying production was ahead of schedule, it would be ready mid October. Heard nothing about a test drive, nor anything about the car being ready. 15th Oct had a phone call from the dealership admin to activate the free 7 day driveaway insurance. Great, car must be ready shortly for collection. Heard nothing about test drive or her car.... Contacted dealership, told car had been removed from their system. Investigation ensued. Dealership have rang back saying production on all vehicles woth leather seating or prtial leather has been put on hold until beginning of October. Still no test drive or car. Dealership cannot now give us a delivery date, can't give us a test drive. Would we have the right to cancel? Is the leather issue across Ford vehicles true? (Anyone else heard of it) Can we cancel as we have still no had a test drive? One good point, the dealership have offered to "loan" a vehicle until her's is ready to collect but this seems to be dragging on, the loan car is not the one she ordered or wants and they cannot tell us how long the estimated delivery date is away. Comments please.... Thank you.