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  1. Alloy Wheel Cap

    Would have been useful, told people try to nick these regularly? Why i don't know.
  2. Alloy Wheel Cap

    Sorted now, the matt ones are for the older St line, there are gloss ones for the newer variants. Ford have now ordered them for me.
  3. Awful MPG zetec 1.0 Ecoboost (100)

    When i first got mine (140) , the fuel consumption was sky high, mpg was right down. Was told that after about 250 - 300 miles it would settle down and it has. Why is this? Does the engine have a run in period , pre set?
  4. Alloy Wheel Cap

    Hi, I have a Fiesta St Line 140 2016 shape (2017 reg), with Rock Alloy Wheels. There was a graze on the alloy when i collected the car, Ford dealership corrected the issue no problems. When they have removed the centre wheel cap (black cap in the centre of wheel that has Ford on it), they have taken the Black coating off of one side which i didn't notice until last week.I cannot prove it was done at the time and for a tenner ......... Have purchased a genuine Ford replacement online - (Kappe Rad - Cap Wheel FR3V1003AB), it arrived today but this one is Matt Black. The ones on my car are Gloss / shiny. Does anyone know the part number for the gloss variant, as currently i am being told there is only one part number for these. It will save a 40 mile round trip to the dealership to order one. Confused! Thank you
  5. Fiesta St Line Spoiler Water Holder

    Thanks, worth a thought.
  6. Anyone else have a problem with the centre section of the rear spoiler filling up like a reservoir when it rains? Will get a picture when possible. It seems the rain gathers and makes a puddle that sits there until i open the boot. If it is done quickly the water runs down the rear windscreen and into the boot. Any fixes for this?
  7. Hi, Just found this site, had a Black Fiesta St Line Nav140 since end of May, Focus Zetec S before that. Have fitted Red Led's to Footwells, Courtesy Lights. K&N filter, Rear number plate Led's. Very happy with this, performance I think is fantastic and cannot believe the shine you get when washed. Jealous as god knows what tho as the Mrs has just ordered 2018 model Fiesta St Line X 140 in White. No pictures as yet as it won't be ready until End of Oct, but it has got crap loads of extras mine hasn't including rear view camera blah blah blah....