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  1. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    release bearing rattles not whistle or howl could be the dmf either way its a whole kit as I said no point changing any gearbox parts without doing all the parts so clutch release bearing dmf labour etc
  2. usb & music

    simply put the focus is way behind the times despite other cars having it standard since 2008 usb and aux is rubbish all you can do is turn the volume up n down if you want to be able to control it via the steering wheel you'll need a new stereo a patch lead to make the steering controls work
  3. Mk2.5 to mk2 rear lights

    they're the same lights only the wiring can be different on some but I think that's just st to non st the mk2.5 is identical except the front n rear bumpers bonnet and lights and the boot is a different shape other than that they are the same car
  4. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    its a whole gearbox out job front subframe needs drooped so a big job even in the uk its around £350-600 to have done hence why I said its better to replace the clutch and release bearing no way of telling how long it will last it coil go tomorrow it could go next year when it does go that's it you're stranded
  5. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    sounds like the clutch release bearings on its way out new clutch kit time I think
  6. Focus Service light in Petrol cars...

    I see the point in just one of those people that thinks cars aren't cars anymore I want well built cheap to fix reliable car not a twin clutch flappy paddle car that you need to talk to in the hope it might actually understand what you said that's just to change a radio station lol
  7. engine malfunction warning

    never heard of the other code either irs not a ford or generic code so ide have the codes te checked on other software
  8. Focus Service light in Petrol cars...

    personally they're a waste of space tyre warning systems are just a distraction any driver should know just from the steering uf the tyres a bit flat and should check them weekly a service indicator agains a waste of time shouldn't be hard to figure out when 12mnths from the last service was calender link? I use my car to Drive my windows phone does all That for me
  9. 2005 Ford Focus High and Stiff Clutch Pedal

    it cant be adjusted its hydraulic if its that stiff its likely it was not done right the clutch is high on all fords but it should be was to press down sadly they've waited too long so the only thing you could do I have it checked over
  10. Fitting Mk2 ST suspension on Normal Focus

    its the ti vct. Save the cash for when the Ti vct cam and pulley needs replaced lol springs not worth it unless you replace the shocks ford use eibach lowering kits which you get for the focus ti vct rear anti roll bar is a waste of time it wont do anything hence why you fit a rear strut brace which agains a waste of time if the other bushes are worn
  11. well I've got front rear door handle less to the headlight switch for over a year no issues and no problems
  12. Focus St Scuff Plate Not Working

    mates fiesta st is the same he's had 3 sets and they wont replace it anymore its too expensive apparently
  13. Ford focus fault code..

    it means it has an open circuit so its likely not showing the correct amount of fuel and usually stops working altogether its just a float really you put petrol in and it lifts then float
  14. wire them to the headlight switch is the easiest method on with lights off with lights or to the illumination wires on the stereo
  15. Ford Focus MK2 leak help [images included]

    not the same as the mk3 issue on the mk2 its the rear light grommets or the spolier seals or the rear boot hinges