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  1. engine malfunction

    you have got problems then try cleaning it up hopefully that works if not the whole fuse box will need replaced in not sure if its a straight swap or if any coding I needed
  2. (Pics) Marks on paint that disappear when wet

    yep some worse than others the design and angle of the door and sill mean all the grit stones etc get thrown directly along the door and sill area on the mk2 2.5 ford put plastic covers along the sills once you added mudflaps it all but stopped the issue ford know this the mk3 should have been supplied with mudflaps problem is the damage is done now you Sa only a 2011 ford will Say its 5 years old paint warranty will be out and rust is only covered if it rots from the inside out
  3. 1.8 53 plate focus software update

    £90 or there abouts all depends on the area
  4. Loud Metallic Engine Noise

    sounds like the bottom end as always a standard code scan is required coil be bottom end oil pump gone a sensor would show up an engine management light if it was that far gone is it a 100bhp or 115bhp engine
  5. Repair question for door hinge area

    it wont be cheap its a reinforced area so pulling the dent out possibly rewelding then flattening it back priming painting try a few body shop
  6. Pulling my hair out

    you got two cats and 2 sensors I'm afraid clearly visible at the bulkhead side of engine looking down
  7. engine malfunction

    that can certainly cause the issues you're having cleaning it up may work otherwise its a new fuse box
  8. Engine System Fault but NO Errors

    it will be the dash cluster or wiring no idea why suddenly they started to fail I've had one in the last few years in the last few months seen 7 if you switch the car off and then on it sometimes clears but getting the management light lump mode no codes stored no codes pending or can bus codes links it to dad cluster and or dad cluster wiring a ford dealer should know to check it
  9. melted air filter!!

    you've clearly had a fire of some sorts we can only guess but you'll need the car looked at it would be a stab in the dark to suggest what it could be from the sound if it a fire in the throttle body either electrical or over fuelling
  10. Front wiper issue

    you sure there not just going into the park position
  11. 2007 Focus offside outer cv joint

    penetrating fluid and brute force usually if its siezed
  12. (Pics) Marks on paint that disappear when wet

    there is no laquer on those bits its through the laquer and top coat will it get worse yes eventually the winter will be the worst time eventually it starts to rust the bottom of the doors
  13. The PCM has detected a malfunction in the electrical circuit of the transmission mode selector. The switch, system wiring and connectors, and mode actuator are all included in this circuit. If the PCM detects a voltage or resistance signal (electrical circuit of the transmission mode selector) that is not within the manufacturer’s recommended specifications, a code will be stored and a malfunction indicator lamp may be illuminated. Some vehicles will require multiple failure cycles in order for the malfunction indicator lamp to be illuminated. It is very likely that there will be no distinguishable symptoms. The transmission controller may place the transmission in limp-in mode. In this mode, the transmission will shift harshly and torque converter lockup will normally be eliminated. A code will be stored and a service engine lamp may be illuminated after multiple failures. In some applications, the overdrive light may flash, as well diagnosis A scanner (or code reader) and a digital volt/ohmmeter will be required to successfully diagnose this code. Virtually every vehicle (with an automatic transmission) produced since the mid-eighties is equipped with some type of computer controlled automatic transmission system OBD-II equipped vehicles utilize a sophisticated computerized control system that calculates various engine drivability inputs with vehicle speed inputs, engine/turbine speed inputs, and transmission output speed inputs to determine the desired gear ratio necessary to achieve maximum fuel efficiency, to optimize engine performance, and provide the greatest engine and transmission longevity The PCM calculates input data and initiates upshifting and downshifting by using strategically designed shift solenoids to actuate fluid transfer between the hydraulic circuits of each set of corresponding gears. Some applications utilize multiple transmission modes This allows the driver to choose between two (or more) shift strategies Typical transmission modes include a “Normal” mode, in which the transmission shifts softly and smoothly, and a “Performance” mode In the performance mode the transmission will feature a more high-performance oriented shifting strategy by adapting higher fluid pressure and stiffer shifting Visually inspect all wiring and connectors Look for shorted or burned wiring and replace circuitry and connectors as required Most applications will require replacement of the full internal transmission harness if discrepancies are noted there If the system wiring, connectors, and components appear to be in normal working order, connect the scanner to the diagnostic connector and record all stored trouble codes and freeze frame data This information can be extremely helpful in diagnosing intermittent conditions that may have contributed to this code being stored After the codes are cleared, operate the vehicle to see if the code returns If the code fails to immediately return, you may have an intermittent condition Intermittent conditions can prove to be quite a challenge to diagnose and in extreme cases may have to be allowed to worsen before a correct diagnosis can be made If the code immediately returns, and the transmission seems to operate normally, check for reference voltage and ground signals at the transmission mode selector switch and actuator If either the reference voltage or ground circuits are open, use the digital volt/ohmmeter to check for continuity (disconnect all related control modules from the circuit before checking circuit resistance or controller damage may occur) and resistance in all circuits Repair or replace system circuits/connectors as required and retest the system to ensure that repairs were successful. Using the manufacturer’s wiring diagram for the transmission mode selector system, test all related circuits and switches for resistance and continuity and compare your findings with manufacturer’s specifications Repair or replace system circuitry, connectors, and/or components that fail to coincide with manufacturer’s specs Always retest the system to ensure a successful repair. If all system circuits are intact connect the scanner to the diagnostic connector and attempt to manually activate the transmission mode selector If the transmission mode selector functions properly and all circuits coincide with manufacturer’s specifications, suspect a defective PCM Remember that PCM failure is rare and replacement will require reprogramming If the transmission mode selector fails to activate manually, replace the normal/performance switch and retest the transmission control system
  14. Radiator fans do not come on with or without ac

    first sign of the sensor going is intermittent working itll work fine then go into the red etc
  15. Aircon Fan Not Working

    if the fan isnt working you either have an airlock or the aircon needs topped up or the fan switch is faulty start by checking fault codes