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  1. from the location the thermostat housing which is on the right hand side looking at the engine between the rocker cover and battery
  2. it looks like a stone caused the initial damage the temp change made it crack
  3. its the aircon drain hole in the drivers footwell at you're left foot if you pull the carpet back the hose is there remove the plastic panel and give it a check
  4. you'll need an aircon specialist if irs switching off it thinks theres low gas so one of the sensors could be faulty or a leak or a failing piston in the pump only a specialist with the proper equipment can tell
  5. its the recommended replacement timescale for the part every 3 years
  6. usually does once unwrapped IDE but a longer cable only a few quid on eBay that way you can route it where u want
  7. the expansion cap should be replaced every 3 years so for less tgan £20 IDE replace it anyway always over looked and can save a fortune in false diagnoses later on
  8. yore correct ford does know about it that's why the car handles well in the corners sadly its too much camber especially on the rear good old laser tracking does the job I got it checked yearly as its cheaper than constant new did it with the swift only difference is they replaced the rear tires free as they knew it was an issue
  9. sadly no you're have to remove the head to replace the seals I can't see ure vid on my phone its a pig of a Job taking the whole ti vct apart again
  10. jack it up put you're hand on the rear shock rotate the wheel with the other hand you'll feel it through the shock a roughness if its bad you will hear I from turning the wheel check all 4 as it can be from the front but sound like the rear
  11. mk1 has a list to work through without live data start with pcv valve if its gunked up or the springs weak you'll get idle issues then there's the pcv hose to the throttle body this can collapse under acceleration starving the engine then the idle control valve you changed the coil pack but you should change coil leads and plugs as an issue with one can knacker a new coil plugs should be gapped at 1.0mm with dielectric grease on both ends of the leads failing all that iffy o2 sensor dirty air filter or diodes or faulty throttle body
  12. rough idle can be ecu diodes are gone yes they can create a rough idle which might explain why its not communicating
  13. its an mot fail for a start dont bother with ford take it to where you got it he a refund and dont use them again
  14. they are illegal if not e marked for road use which most are not less are a waste of money they don't last give no useable light output at all these days you get extreme white w5w bulbs that cost a few pounds last for at least a year and are designed for the job....also led lights should be fitted to led compatible lenses
  15. it makes no difference you can buy the stuff and do it yourself but to be honest he some poorboys glaze then top it with poorboys sealant then a good wax like dodo juice hard wax or poorboys wax