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  1. mine had no codes but I bought a good quality reader which showed more info and pending codes and it showed up can bus errors for it which the old reader didn't so sometimes they are there its just the readers not good enough
  2. yeah sorry 75amp front 25rear front only stays on 5 minutes before it switches off remember some batteries charge at say 75-80amp per hour as said aircon is about 35amp add it all up you can drain a battery quickly
  3. if it was a cluster fault there will be no logs or error codes other than canbus communication errors
  4. ideally you shouldn't use both together front screen is 75amp add the rear 100amp add lights etc as well that's why its best to use the front for the least time necessary before driving off allowing the battery to charge up on the drive home
  5. do a dash test with the car not idling and idling i suspect battery as the other option is a loose wire or cluster fault
  6. no you don't get a scraping sound you'll get a drone that you'll hear even in the front that gets louder with speed the drums are probably distorted this will cause the scraping noises along with rust build up on the drums
  7. do the dials sweep as well common when the battery is failing
  8. what is it a Prius sorry but on o4 plate you're not getting 70mpg mate let alone 76mpg not even on a 1.6 diesel
  9. it's normal the higher the load the harder it works
  10. depends on the load at the time blowers on lights aircon all add extra load
  11. d the number off the top of the compressor vixible from the front with bonnet open as theres two types of compressor
  12. depends on the dealer if it was a Evans halshaw they do it all the time truth is the car should be checked which it clearly wasn't and depends what the issue was best asking the dealer what the issue is first
  13. first the dash gauge gives a rough estimate not exact the dash figures are more accurate that's normal you likely need either a new coil pack ir leads or have a break in the wire to the coil pack....only use genuine ford leads the cheap ones just give problems as for the fuel it won't say 100% as you have a reserve that's nit taken into account
  14. it's worth noting that higher load creates higher emissions and the focus is meant to find the lowest least emission emitting idling so it will idle as low as is possible
  15. broken spring ? Quite common and not so easy to spot but classic symptoms other than that the steering rack is faulty which is also common personally I reckon one of you're front springs is broken