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  1. Silver Car - many near misses

    its nit the color or car on a daily basis its people too busy talking to the passenger and not looking out the window mucking about with phones or generally not giving a dam and trying to pull out of gaps that they shouldn't I pass on a daily basis a minimum of 1 crash up to 5 on a 10 mile commute
  2. Focus zetec s 1.8L mpg

    irs normal trust me short journeys on the 1.8 what ure gettings not too bad
  3. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    ford should recall all cats or fix it for free but they wont till people complain this car was tested over millions of miles in extreme conditions apparently yet can't stand a bit of British weather after my mk2 ill not be buying a ford again either...incidently the 2014 c max my father in law has has got a misted up dash cluster traced to poorly bonded windows from the factory
  4. tailgate refit

    do they window is also different as well
  5. 2006 1.6 Ti Vct Cam Variator Problems.

    you never had a variator fault then oil flushes wont cure that and you may find it comes back
  6. 1.6ti vct p0420 rear o2 access

    2 cats 2 sensors in afraid nit was to access without a ramp either you wint get at it from above
  7. mk1 1.8 petrol focus misfire

    only use genuine ford or Bosch leads other leads cause the coil pack to fail also make sure you gap the plugs to 1.0mm this is also a must to prevent coil damage
  8. fords like rust so any paint damage will rot with 8k budget why not look at other makes with 5 yr or 7 yr warranty since the focus will be out of warranty now if you want a focus the theres plenty on the market ide walk away from that one. as for warranties I've had warranty direct which is a good one it covers everything from wheel bearings to springs keys and audio and covers wear and tear on all the items as well and any issues found on a service or mot its only worth it though I the cars under 8yr old and 70k miles
  9. Engine running with key not in car

    where do you work lol I need a new car since its that easy to steal ill take ures lol
  10. Dashboard testing a 55 plate Zetec climate

    its the volume of fuel passing through the pump not sure what unit its measured in
  11. mk1 1.8 petrol focus misfire

    if the issue is with a lead and you replace the coil it will ruin the coil same with the plugs etc so as a rule of thumb you replace all the coil is £30 plugs about £12 the leads are more expensive try the coil and plugs if the misfire is still there you'll need leads
  12. mk1 1.8 petrol focus misfire

    yes its an earth point the coil packs a known issue go to ebay you'll get a Bosch coil pack which is what ford use cheaper also ide replace plugs and leads
  13. odd dial reading

    not really its a ford cold weather makes the dash cluster slow n lazy ....its a bit like a pensioner I think most of the time its fine but occasionally it goes a bit senile then remembers what it was doing
  14. Rattling noise when clutch pedal is depressed

    release bearing rattles not whistle or howl could be the dmf either way its a whole kit as I said no point changing any gearbox parts without doing all the parts so clutch release bearing dmf labour etc
  15. usb & music

    simply put the focus is way behind the times despite other cars having it standard since 2008 usb and aux is rubbish all you can do is turn the volume up n down if you want to be able to control it via the steering wheel you'll need a new stereo a patch lead to make the steering controls work