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  1. likely issues are the idle control valve and pcv valve till the sensors are fixed theres no point trying to find the culprit sadly youll need to do the sensors then change the idle control valve the cutting out may be due to a gearbox sensor or something else process of elimination
  2. having had a cheaper bearing fitted to my old focus dont get the cheap ones get a ford bearing the cheap one went in only a few months the genuine ford lasted yes its dearer but it saves doing a job twice i would also order rear hub bolts as i discovered they are stretch bolts
  3. dash diagnostics will show a true reading its barely above 800rpm but shows 900 on the display with the to vct plugs and plug gaps perishing leads dirty throttle body vct issues collapsed hoses faulty accelerator sensor faulty gearbox sensor faulty temp sensor and a pcm upgrade required can all cause the issue without scanning live data you can throw money at it forever
  4. depends on the idle speed which will be less than 800rpm standard
  5. they all do it its not the seals its the shape of the frame and window
  6. most likely youre slave cylinders gone either way its a gearbox out replace the whole clutch time clutch and slave cylinder
  7. really you need to see most fords I've seen all cam covers are over or under tightened even from ford and the ford gasket doesn't cure the problem either so no difference between genuine and aftermarket
  8. simple and cheapest is call a mobile locksmith who does cutting and programming some timpsons can't cut the flat blade keys and many refuse to cut cheap keys you need the whole lot new fob new transponders new key cut and programming a decent genuine fob on eBay with blank key and transponder £40 then the rest £60 or more or a locksmith will do the lot for about the same
  9. won't help but my Kia fobs covered under 7yr warranty just had a new one cut n coded for free 😃 as said though easiest way is buy a fob good one on eBay genuine flip one £30 transfer the chip over and have it cut at a Timpson's who do them
  10. all I know on this is ford will not use ep oil in any gearbox...wether that's due to having a deal with a certain brand I don't know but if many forums say don't i wouldn't
  11. I'm suspecting its only getting wet after its rained? Pollen seal is leaking most likely into the filter in the pass footwell
  12. ignore it its common on forscan to get that code if you don't have puddle lamps simple software bug
  13. its likely still the gasket the bolts may have been over tightened at some point meaning its not giving a tight seal I've seen some put bolts on the end of the threads to tighten it up more
  14. dash cluster fault either caused by broken or fractured solder joints or condensation on the circuit board or a break in one of the dash cluster afraid it gets worse not better if that's the case youll get the symptoms you have random engine lights limp modes no codes but restarting fixes it as it gets worse youll try to restart and it won't takes half a dozen turns of the key..fortunately there are cluster repair companies who can fix it for very little search dash cluster repairs in youre area they'll pop it out diagnose fix for about 99-140 pound take it to ford pay at least 600-800