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  1. Indicator issues

    Thank you so for your help.. I've now solved the problem it was fuse 22 I did change this first off but it must of been faulty from the box. I purchased it from Halfords brand new but it was obviously faulty. Again thank you all. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Indicator issues

    Thank you will try this tomorrow
  3. Indicator issues

    I've found the relays but how do I determine which one is for the indicators . Apologies for the daft questions
  4. Indicator issues

    Excuse my ignorance but where would I find the relay..
  5. Indicator issues

    My wife's 2001 ka has developed an issue with the indicators, it is still in very good condition only covered 30k. Basically they don't work but the hazards do , I've changed the fuses the switch and even the steering column stalks. It can't be a bulb issue as I said earlier the hazards work fine. The green arrows on the dash do not light up though. I'm literally at a loss. Any advice would be great thanks.