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  1. Unknown Beeping Noise

    Thanks Micro. Have recently discovered that the spare wheel well is full of water and have traced it (via relevant forums on here) to potentially failed light cluster sealant. I'm almost certain now that the beeping is coming from the rear of the car. I have had a towbar fitted by myself but the electrics were done by a professional. Wondering if there's been a water ingress issue with the electrics and the alarm often fitted with the towbar is going into fault. Seeing as there doesn't appear to be any obvious answers it suggests it's probably not an official 'Ford' fault so I will look to strip it down and see if I can find anything obvious although I have only ever heard the beeping whilst driving/travelling and never whilst stationary so testing it to replicate the fault may be difficult. It's the oddest thing and starting to drive me potty on short drives especially but hopefully now getting closer to the answer.
  2. Unknown Beeping Noise

    I've checked the rear seats and can't find anything obvious. I have kind of replicated the fault by pumping my brakes whilst on a steep incline which seemed to repeatedly send the same 3 beeps over and over. However the beeps still occur when I am neither on the brakes or any other pedal. I'm thinking it's some kind of sensor issue, maybe a loose connection but whatever the reason it will probably mean an expensive trip to a local Ford garage.
  3. Unknown Beeping Noise

    Thanks Steve! I should add that I've read through my user manual but it doesn't cover this in chimes, warnings or alerts.
  4. Hi all, I've had a scan through your forums and a brief google check but am unable to find anything relating to my issue on my Mk3 Focus (2012): For last week I've had intermittent 'beeping' noises coming from my car whilst driving. I'm unsure where it's coming from but potentially the dash but on occasions it sounds like the rear seats. Very odd. It consists of three short beeps and occurs at random intervals with no pattern apparent. At first I thought it was when I drove over rough patch of road or heavy braking but it does it when I'm doing neither and not even on the accelerator. It is doing it as often as every 5mins then stops for a while to the point that it's getting irritating. I've tried switching the instrument and warning chimes off on the dash including the traction control but to no avail. I have also plugged my scanner in which shows no fault codes. If anyone knows of anything before I take it to a Ford garage for them to try and replicate the fault or plug it in and find nothing. Surely it means something to emit noises as a warning or as a fault? Thanks in advance