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  1. Hids

    Finally got some time to properly fit the kit, engine on, lights on. Canbus decoders worked so looks good. 😉 Didnt realise how yellow the led drls look until now lol.
  2. Hids

    Update guys, got some canbus decoders, just tried one quickly and the light stayed on, will fit them all at weekend and keep you posted.
  3. Hids

    Fiestas dont have canbus do they? They are ebay ballasts but had them about 8 years so been very reliable!
  4. Hids

    Phil, does your st have led drls?
  5. Hids

    No they are 35w ones had them about 6 years maybe the problem is them being old style ballasts
  6. Hids

    I tried them the other way and they dont light up, when engine is off they are fine but as soon as i start up they flicker then go off. Its something to do with having led drls but not sure why really.
  7. Hids

    Yeh mate, that what happens. Is it one of those canbus cancellers/decoders i need? Cheers
  8. Hids

    Hi, Got a 65 plate zs with led drls, fitted a standard hid kit i had on my focus but the lights flash then turn off when i start the engine. Anyone help me get this sorted? Cheers