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  1. Awesome man! I just put mine on as well - put a white pinstripe on them, there's a picture on my project thread if you wanna see 😁🤙🏻
  2. My Mk7.5 Zetec S

    But of an update - cleaned him up and put on some wind defector that came through the other day, put on the white pinstripes myself
  3. Yeah I have noticed that as well dude! Yeah man, nice and cheap but they make a big difference ☺️
  4. Awesome man! It's just a case of unplugging the existing blubs, then plugging in panels - then the panel have a peel off sticky back, stick it where you want and you are good to go! Took me a while to see this, have you got it all set up?
  5. Last week I finally got to pick up my Zetec S, in anticipation of getting my car - I spent a serious amount of time (probably too much) watching Youtube videos and looking at threads about Fiestas, and modifications in general. This gave me a lot of ideas for what I wanted to do. After having the car for a week, I have added a white grille 'S' badge and changed the foot well bulbs for blue light panels - it is pretty much stock. Here's a short list for the things I had in mind for the future: Team Heko wind deflectors (duh) 'S' gel wing badges Replacing all exterior bulbs with brighter ones TRC eyebrows TRC splitter (possibly with a white pinstripe?) New alloys - Black Possibly wrapping the roof and wing mirrors black That is all I have in mind at the moment, but I am open to suggestions and would like to know what you guys think would look good. After having the car for a week, I do love it stock. But there are just a few cosmetic changes that I think make the MK7.5 look even better. Here are a couple of pictures I have took so far:
  6. I have since bought the blue light panels for my footwell, super easy to install!
  7. Hey Kade, The best website I have found for footwell lights has been CEUK - https://ceuk.myshopify.com/collections/x-ceuk-lighting-footwell-lighting/products/britevue-501-footwell-bulbs-red Haven't bought anything from them yet, just picked up my ZS yesterday - but a lot of people seem to use them. They do also have have footwell panels that are supposed to be brighter than bulbs, so maybe have a look at that.