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  1. Fiesta Mk6 stereo

  2. Fiesta Mk6 stereo

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  3. Fiesta Mk6 stereo

    Hi, new to this forum. I have a recently acquired 2012 plate Fiesta Edge Mk6 (7? - bit confused about Fiesta Marks after 6...) 2012 and it has the basic stereo with the sound button in the place where on higher models there is the bluetooth phone button. I was looking at getting a higher model stereo unit off ebay with the phone button in the hope that the bluetooth will then work. I have noticed from looking around that the range of stereos has a huge range of different connections at the back of the CD unit and I have virtually given up hope of finding one with the correct connections AND the phone button on the front panel. But I then had a thought, is the bluetooth wizardry just in the front panel and would therefore just buying the front panel solve my problem, because the connections on the back of the front panel to the cd unit all look the same? Would a new front panel just plug and play and hey presto Bob's your teapot happy days? Is there anything here that I am failing to take account of? Any help would be appreciated. Simon