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  1. Front and rear parking sensors stopped working

    Before I attempted above. I checked the driver side sensor in the front bumper. It was not connected. Connected it all up and running now. Once again thanks to Ian who is a valued member of the forum.
  2. Thanks. I will it a try and update the results. Regarding wiper issue, while trying to figure out other issues, I noticed that when c1 clamp on body control module is removed it makes wipers go off and they don't stop until either the battery is disconnected or c1 clamp is put back in place. It may not have anything to do with your issue but try removing the clamp and putting it back on after a while.
  3. Hi All I gave my car to a body shop to repaor passenger side rear quarter panel and respray passenger side doors. Picked up the car today without realising. Parking sensors front and rear both are not working. I text him to ask if he has unplugged any connectors and he said he didn't unplug anything. Obd2 adaptor doesn't show any parking sensors related errors. Ford test menu in dash shows DTC # 01 160782 and DTC # 02 40168. These two codes were shown prior to the respray but after using obd2 adaptor they use to disappear but not disappearing now. In the right hand side rear luggage compartment I see a connector dangling and not connected to anything. The wires are Grey with violet stripes. Could this be the cause? Picture attached. When I put the car in reverse gear, light with p button on dash blinks 6 times then stops. Could anyone suggest what to do please? Thanks
  4. It's driving me insane. The only option is to order the pedal from dealers and try. However, if it doesn't fix the issue, it's a waste of £85. Could there be something wrong with throttle body or the sensor attached to it? Any electric/cables I can check?
  5. Ian, I replaced the pedal with md code but still no difference. Engine malfunction warning is still on and obd sensor still shiw the same error codes. Any suggestions?
  6. Brake fluid, that explains why the warning light (exclamation mark in brackets) disappeared since i connected the broken wire.
  7. Ford S-Max horn not working

    Horn issue now resolved with Ian's help. Please see solution on Thanks
  8. Connected the grey wire with purple line using a short length of wire. No difference in the pedal and engine malfunction light is still on as well as throttle position sensor error on obd2. Shall i leave them connected? Horn relay is gone now. It will be interesting to know what the grey wire with purple line is for. Returned both pedals and the one with md code ordered. Any suggestions to check wiring/fuses. Thank you very much for your support Ian, there is no way I would have been able to sort out the horn problem without your support.
  9. Just connected purple with green line together using a small length of wire and horn is now working. I am going to connect the grey one too. Will report back soon.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. There is a grey wire with purple line and the second one is purple with green line.
  11. Ford S-Max horn not working

    Ok will report back tomorrow morning as dont want to disturb the neighbours. Lol
  12. Ford S-Max horn not working

    Connector 3 and 5 identified successfully. Both bridged together by putting multi meter cables to each connector. Ohm dropped from 1 to 0.1. Horn doesn't sound.
  13. I am on it. No indication of water ingress but I notice 2 cables have been cut. Grey and purple. Please see attached picture.
  14. Right I tried the used pedal i bought which is shown in first pedal picture above. No difference from the previous one. Engine Malfunction light is still on and throttle position error is still appearing on obd and doesn't get cleared despite multiple attempts. Shall I now order the one that ends with code md? Any suggestions? Or buy one from the dealer? Could it be something else other than pedal as you suggested wiring fault? PIDs picture attached.