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  1. DataLink Fuse

    So I removed the DataLink fuse and I was still able to use my Modified USB OBD adapter with Forscan. Is the USB adapter maybe providing power to the port?
  2. Mk7 Fezza Zetec S

    This is pretty cool, I am interested as to which head the car originally came with and how much roughly this cost? Also what's that about wiring up the sync unit?
  3. OBD Port Attempted Theft

    So I removed the DataLink fuse and I was still able to use my Modified USB OBD adapter with Forscan. Is the USB maybe providing power to the port?
  4. Where is your dash cam located.

    I have mine located just behind the rear view mirror on the passenger side but it does stick out below the bottom of the mirror a bit. I have been looking for one that goes on the mirror and also has a back camera and reversing capability but all the ones that claim to do that have not so great reviews.
  5. I thought I'd show this ST keyring I got, it's pretty nice while a little expensive at £9 but it does seem good quality and is made out of stainless steel. I like it more than the leather ST ones because it is not as big and in my opinion looks better there is other versions of it on eBay (which I didn't see untill after I bought it, woops) Here is the link. I don't have an ST but I do hope to get one some day but for now I will settle for this.
  6. Air con and fan dial to windscreen

    I can confirm this happens on my 09 fiesta aswell and others I've seen, it's normal, if you really don't want air con on just put it on the dot to the left of the far right, it won't come on but might be less effective as said above.
  7. Smelling petrol in engine bay

    Seems like it definitely could be linked but im no mechanic so we'll have to wait for someone with more knowledge on the subject to reply.
  8. Number plate bulbs

    I was just wondering if this is something I should worry about or just leave it?
  9. I like that colour a lot, looks like a very nice car, enjoy :)
  10. Number plate bulbs

    Is it normal for number plates bulbs to get hot? If you look at the pic below you can just see it looks like it's slightly burnt the holder (it is more visible to the eye), It's the same on both sides.
  11. Would I need to inform my insurance about interior light changes like changing the bulbs to LED's? Would I need to inform them about changing the headlight bulbs to something like Philips xtreme vision?
  12. Removing interior bulb plastic cover

    I actually did this today, it is a bit fiddly to get off (seems like its stuck on) you just have to use a Flathead screwdriver on the 4 clips like zain said. You can see one of the clips here. Matt is probably right about not removing it, it does seem like it could break easily but if you're trying to put a panel in you will have to.
  13. LED interior lights

    I did notice that their ones have 12 LED's and the ones I found on Ebay had around 6 or something, so you are definitely right about the quality and probably brightness, just it seems a bit much for one RGB LED and remote.
  14. LED interior lights

    Yeah I haven't actually bought them for this reason, it's £19 with shipping and tax and a 10% discount.
  15. Parking sensors, Cameras and Insurance

    Think I have heard about the dash cam thing before, I was just wondering if anyone else had any experience with it. I'm guessing I would need to inform them if install either, was thinking of going for a reversing camera like you have, seems better than parking sensors, a lot of people tell me they go off way too early.