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  1. Auto-Opening Boot?

    I had one set on my car, removed it after couple months of use. It worked on hot summer days and opened the tailgate fully, on colder days it still helped little. Both gas springs started to show some leaking. Fiesta is not optimal for springs, there is too little space for them, so spring travel is too short, and geometry of the gas spring mounting points is so that spring is putting extra strain on mounting points. Hard to explain in writing, easy if you see it on car. And sorry for my english, not native.
  2. Help needed

    I have the ford recommended 17" set, no limiter and no problems. As far as i know, you can change the wheel size using forscan. There is two different values, i changed them both to correct value.
  3. Floor mats

    Have you checked Weathertech matts? I like the look, they protect even behind the gas pedal and are nice to clean.