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  1. That's all i do, drag and drop into the bottom job done no issues...
  2. Greedy indeed shocking to be honest $399 haha jog on!!! Thanks for clearing it up i thought it was something i needed to do... I will message the OP but theres quite a few i want haha
  3. So most how to guides etc show this when i open them? I refuse to pay what photobucket want is there a way to fix this?
  4. Faulty Air Con

    Yes but the gas is actually a lubricant and if stood for some time, it leaks past the seals :( I think its a UV dye they use though so must be right unless the person testing it was blind haha! Hopefully its something simple as it isn't cheap to replace the compressor/condenser unit.
  5. Faulty Air Con

    I was under the belief that Halfrauds didn't have the right kit to diagnose the fault? They will re-gas but they couldn't detect a leak last time i went, admittedly a couple years ago now...
  6. nice one mate, i may look into the ST route rather than the RS then 5 door RS would look quite odd to be fair.
  7. I can change all that over and will be sourcing a boot lid with the tinted glass already :) By keyless entry do you mean that some of the boot lids do not have the button in the handle or option to open via key button? I was considering an RS or ST rear bumper with upgrading the rest later to make it look less out of place, I haven't looked at the ZS rear bumper though are they all colour coded as i don't want any of that plastic trim which fades anywhere Its looking like a total cost of around £300 for a new bumper sprayed and second hand boot lid...
  8. Cigarette lighter fault

    I put a 20 amp in fuse 109 as recommended by somebody on here and it sorted it mate. Failing that maybe a corroded wire from a spillage or something as the cup holders are right next that port :( they don't hold cans of pop very well either i tend to use the rear arm rest as they hold drinks better :)
  9. So yesterday i had a 17 plate Audi S3 rear end me in the focus :( How i out-breaked him i don't, know but credit to Ford brakes ensuring i did not hit the child chasing his football into the road! My question is now, is an RS rear bumper a straight fit to my titanium or will the rear arches be wider and cause the bumpers to not sit flush? I also presume that the boot lids (mine has a nice dent now) are all the same throughout the mk2 facelift focus range? Meaning i can in theory get a replacement boot from any mk2 focus thats being broken for parts?
  10. Cigarette lighter fault

    Mine was a fuse which powered the cigarette lighter socket and the one in the arm rest. Do both not work or just the cigarette lighter? Is it the port or the actual cigarette heating element that you push in to light a cig?
  11. Adams focus build thread

    I'm going to try and find a new owner for my pioneer unit and look into an android focused unit. Does that one support Android Auto?
  12. Adams focus build thread

    where did you get that head unit from mate? I've got the Pioneer SPH-da120 which is a brilliant uni but its very iphone orientated and i'm android through and through... Suppose you know of anybody in the market for an iphone friendly headunit do ya?
  13. It was indeed fuse 109 under the glove box thank you!
  14. Coilovers

    What make are the coilovers? I had Meistr coilovers on my 07 Honda civic and when parts failed on those you could replace the specific part through them directly. Meistr have been helpful with this stuff to me on a number of times, replacing dampers etc. I'd of thought it possible to source a single spring from manufacturer (although i'd personally change the set whether it be fronts or rears or both)
  15. It was cheaper with postage than buying from a UK supplier