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  1. "usa Style" Side Lights.

    New to this and didnt think it got sent lol i hate technology lol
  2. Hi mate i am putting a us grille on my mk1 focus but as indicators , how did u get ur badge to flip and what did u use for fitting the bulbs and bolting top of grille onto slam panel can u e-mail me answers please on many thanks .

  3. "usa Style" Side Lights.

    Love it i am doing the same but as indicators , how did u get ur badge to flip ?
  4. "usa Style" Side Lights.

    I would love for you to tell me how u got the badge to flip and the lights to work and what usrd for the lights
  5. "usa Style" Side Lights.

    Hi how did u get the whole grille working with flip badge and lights ?
  6. Grill swap

    Has anyone swapped european grille for us mk1 focus grille with lights and can instruct me how ?
  7. Getting imported us mk1 focus grille and need full instalation instructions please.