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  1. It's a 1.2. With mine it revs to 3000-4000 every time it's out of gear, such as when I'm coasting or when I'm stopped. When I turn the car on and it's sat on the drive it revs. After reading up a little more I think it could be something to do with the throttle cable?
  2. I have a Y Reg Ford Fiesta 2001 Zetec-S. Currently whenever it's out of gear it revs up to 3000, sometimes 4000. I've looked it up and it says that it's often a problem with the idle control valve, which needs to be cleaned, however, I can't find my idle control valve. I'm not experienced with cars, so excuse the probable idiocy of this question. I've looked it up and it says it's below the inlet manifold, which seems like it should be in the bottom of the picture, right and centre. On pictures of other Fiesta engines I've looked at, the inlet manifold is open with rubber pipes. Is the cover over where my idle control valve should be? If so, I assume I have to remove the cover and then I'll see the idle control valve? Thanks very much for any help, I've attached a picture of the engine below.