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  1. Hello from london

  2. Fiesta sync/iPhone issue

    Hello is anyone able to suggest any ideas for my sync/iPhone issue at all please? 😬 thank you ☺️
  3. Hello from london

    Hi im in London, not long acquired a shiny red 14 plate fiesta after having an traumatic time with a Peugeot 207 🙄 Went back to fiesta and I love my new car 😊 Im not very technically minded so will probably ask lots of stupid questions over time 🤣 🙂☺️
  4. Hi Came upon this site by constant internet searching for my problem..... hello all 😁 I have just got a 14 plate fiesta and am having sync issues. i think it's version 3 of the 1.1 sync. it keeps disconnecting my iPhone 7 so I can't receive calls. Bluetooth is fine as it plays music via sync, just trouble connecting the phone. It worked for a while but now doesn't want too. phoned Dees dealership, they wanted to investigate at over £90/hr! Told them it was just a sync issue and it possibly needed an update(?) but they didn't seem interested and wanted to book it in for a day! i think the sync needs an update, where do I download it from or does it have to be done by a dealership? if a dealership, anyone know or can recommend of somewhere in south London that's decent and reliable? thank you all in advance 😁