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  1. Help please with Fiesta semi auto odd ABS issue?

    Thanks Mathew. I was thinking the same thing, but hey, it's worth trying!
  2. Hi all. I have Ford IDS and am happy to carry out diagnostics for other members. I live in Cirencester, so if you live in my neck of the woods I would be happy to hook it up to your Ford. There's no charge for my help, but I will expect a Latte with 2 sugars when you get here! Phil.
  3. Help please with Fiesta semi auto odd ABS issue?

    Thanks for the input guys! I will certainly attempt the gearbox learning procedure with the ABS disconnected. Must admit I didn't think of that. Fairly sure though that all the ECU's need to communicate with each other, but it's certainly worth a try. I have used 2 versions of IDS... V101 and now have the latest V106 which is very reliable. Forscan does give the same fault codes but I mainly use IDS for its reliability. I'll certainly report back when I've tried the gearbox learning. Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi everyone. Got a weird issue with the ABS on a 2003 Fiesta 1.4 semi auto. In recent months I replaced both the clutch and gearbox actuators with the normal issues. Thinking that all would now be well, and using Ford IDS to carry out clutch learning etc, the car ran without issues for 3-4 months. Got to the car one morning, usual blank display! Hooked it up to the IDS and got several fault codes relating to gearbox. Thinking that either the gearbox or clutch actuator may have thrown a wobbly I removed them and sent them back for testing (ATP electronic in Cannock), who incidentally are first rate. They tested and found no fault, but because I purchased from them in the first place, sent me new replacements. So I can rule them out. The weird issue is as follows: IDS sends fault code of U0415 which relates to a communication fault between the ABS and transmission control module. At this point my attention went to the wiring. Checked it and found no fault but changed the whole engine loom anyway! So I can rule out wiring. Now went to the ABS module. Replaced it with a known good used module, bled the brakes. Still the identical issue and fault code. The fault code produces possible causes: faulty wheel speed sensor - changed all 4 and checked pulses at the module. Okay. ABS Active. ABS/EBD module configuration failure - Programmed option content inconsistent. Incorrect Tyre/wheel type: Checked this and all is well. So.... Has anyone out there had this issue? And if so, how the hell did you sort it out? IDS communicates with the ABS, and doesn't actually show fault when diagnosing it. The problem is when I attempt the gearbox learning mode with IDS. It fails the learning process and then throws out the U0415 fault (Which was cleared prior to attempting the learning process) Here's the other weird thing though. I decided to have the ABS module refurbished. But nobody can refurbish this particular ABS module (2S61-2M110-CE/10.0206-0093.4) Any help or advice out there?? I would really like to get this sorted. The car has been off the road for more than a month. Any pointers would be appreciated greatly!!
  5. PhilDavies1951

    Hi from Gloucestershire! Just like to say hi to everyone, and looking forward to contributing and also getting help where needed.