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  1. mods to the mondeo

    Thanks for that.
  2. Code 17B27

    Thanks for that .
  3. Code 17B27

    Please can you explain as I don't understand your answer or what it means.Thanks
  4. Code 17B27

    Have got the above code show up when I used Ford Pass app.(MONDEO ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE CONFIGURATION DATA) 17B27.Does any member know what this means. Thanks.
  5. mods to the mondeo

    Could you tell me where you got the Titanium badge as mine did not come with one ..thanks.
  6. 2017

    Hello everyone,got a new Titanium with xpack.Anybody got any niggles with it yet?
  7. Strange that this has never done this before but that sounds like the right answer to this.Thanks for that.
  8. When locking my Mondeo Titanium 2017 today with the fob the horn beeped twice..Any ideas anyone?
  9. The power to the socket is staying on ,have noticed this as the dash cam is plugged into it,and when I checked an hour later when locked the dash cam was still on.
  10. Help anyone?Cant get at the reverse light to change the bulb..looks like panel removal or is there an easier way.
  11. Does anyone know how to get at the reverse bulb on 2017 Mondeo to replace a blown one.Looks like a lot of panel removing to get at please.
  12. Mondeo Titanium Xpack Badge

    Thanks for the dealer has quoted £29.99.
  13. 2017 Mondeo Titanium Xpack

    Thanks everyone for all the help.
  14. 2017 Mondeo Titanium Xpack

    Thanks for more info,a write up would be great.Ill have to start removing trims and look for the sync cable.Thanks to everyone of yous who took the time to help me.
  15. 2017 Mondeo Titanium Xpack

    Thanks for explaining what needs to be done as regards the rear camera and I'm going to have to look into this and see what I can do myself.A bit more research I think is needed before I would undertake this.Thanks Jonro2009.