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  1. glad you have your car! i remember you was still waiting for it when i got mine but i'm sure it was worth the wait - enjoy!!!
  2. ahh not far from me at all... im sure i recognise that road in earlier pics from down the junction! nice car.
  3. looks like she should have added bluetooth to the spec :P
  4. i would definitely say to shop around!!! i received my new vision zetec fiesta in september and managed to get it for just under £12,500 with bluetooth from our local ford peoples garage and that was with an ambassador voucher off and some extreme haggling. about 6 weeks ago my fiance written off his 55 Citroen C4 VTR+ and had to look about getting a new car. he liked my fiesta so much he went back to the sales man at peoples 4 days before the end of last month and he told us 'now' is an extremely good time to get a car as they were 7 cars off hitting the months target and are able to do deals they normally wouldn't be able to do. Anyway to cut a long story short he got a brand new 59 plate titanium fiesta in avalon + bluetooth for just over £12,500 and that was without an ambassador voucher!
  5. interesting!!!!!!! i do have a cd in there and will have to check it out in the morning - thanks alot!
  6. i say travel 5 mins up the road to the tesco - it's cheaper there anyway!!!
  7. I got my MK7 Fiesta zetec back in september when the new 59 reg came out and have loved it ever since. However quite recently My fiance liked mine so much that he got a mk7 fiesta titanium and I am aware that there are extras on the titanium which are not on the zetec. One thing i have noticed on his is that the cd drive emits a red glow at night time which my zetec does not do. Is this an extra with the titanium model or do I have a bulb somewhere that does not work on my zetec? many thanks!!!!
  8. hey i am wondering if anyone can help me at all? i picked up my mk7 zetec yesterday and i have read in this thread that when the side lights are turned on the air con lights come on. i have tried turning the side lights on and it still does not work :( any ideas???? cheers
  9. hey everyone! thought i should introduce myself as i have been around for a while but not posted. a few people may recognise me as Kate from the chat room. well after my wait i will be getting a 3dr zetec in vision 2morro at 12.30 and i am very excited! i will be sure to post pictures!!!!