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  1. Hi Does anyone know ? At the moment i have an ipod that i use in the car, this is connected via the ford ipod lead so that i have full display and control via Converse. My mobile is BT to the car.(android) I am looking to upgrade my phone, If i get an iphone 6s +, can i connect this to the car via the ipod lead and get all my info and control on the display for the music, but still have the phone connected via BT for calls. I find that sometimes the BT streaming is not 100% reliable. Many thanks for help in advance Chris OH i am running the sony 6 disc DAB unit with the upgraded BT module
  2. Red Ruby's new rims

    Looking good, I myself not fan of low profile tyres for road car, but I must say they look great. I like the anthracite after twating a kerb I had to get my front sorted so treated Kitty (yep I named my car always have always female ). I kept the original something different from the standard.
  3. 20160402-143123.jpg

    I got my white stickers when I got my pack with discount card, I thought white was the only colour as never seen any others. Can you get would like some silver to match the car
  4. Auto opener

    I know that some people have asked this is other threads, I needed to change my tailgate struts as one was leaking and could not hold the weight of the tailgate up. Went to the ford garage in the next town (local shut for building works) the chap on the counter said with a smile i can order them for you at £47 per side . After picking my self up off the floor i politely said i will think about it. Went home looked on net found the cheapest quinine ford £44 + del. Did find compatable part at £25, Now for something so heavy above my head not going to take a risk, found on a thread a link for a company in Germany, when i looked then checked the exchange rate for the day, £101 inc shipping (free delivery if ordered on the same day). So i now have German engineered upgraded parts for £7 more than frauds wanted for the standard part, car only 6 1/2 years old. May cost more but i would strongly recommend, the idea of buying washers n springs then trying to take the strut apart and get back without damaging anything, remember you or your kids/ partner or wife, stand under the tailgate. That is if you are looking to upgrade. I now just walk to the car with arms full of shopping press the button then put the shopping straight into the boot, no longer have to put down open boot pick the shopping up again. link for company http://schaefer-metallverarbeitung-shop.com/epages/39704e8e-6cb4-4ceb-8548-a5d41479d6a7.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/39704e8e-6cb4-4ceb-8548-a5d41479d6a7/Products/2014022 If you need any more info please ask. Chris F
  5. 20160402_143123.jpg

    sorry about double computer having mad 1/2 hour.
  6. Chris F

  7. 20160402_143214.mp4

    From the album Chris F

  8. 20160402_143137.jpg

    From the album Chris F

  9. 20160402-143137.jpg

    From the album Chris F

  10. 20160402-143123.jpg

    From the album Chris F

    After a clean
  11. 20160402_143123.jpg

    From the album Chris F

  12. 20160402-143103.jpg

    From the album Chris F

    After a clean
  13. 20160402-143103.jpg

    From the album Chris F

  14. Travelman

    Hi yes you can get an adapter that will have a plug on one end. the other end will have a block that has got the sockets in 1-3 the cost depends on there you buy from. they are very easy plug n play.