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  1. Sorry to hear your news, hope you get back with no major damage. I have moved the obd port if you remove the coin tray and unclipped some of the wiring harness, it is suprissing how much lead you have, I also then put a scrapped obd in the place but I have run a power feed to the unit from cig lighter on too 3 random leads and earthed. Hopping if the light fingered sh!+$ try it will short out their device, I know that they can get no info from the dummy odb. Also steering lock thinking about alarm up grade that removes the obd bypass, have seen the thread on the focus/st sites.
  2. Rear Knuckle Bush ???

    UPDATE Was at local ford garage with work car and i asked about the cost agin, they said that they now have a special tool so only bushes changed and nothing from suspension removed to carry out the job. I booked in had bushes done, air con drained cleaned debugged and re-gas and also the break fluid changed. they had the car from 07:30 they called at 10:30 to tell me i can collect the car. The total cost for all jobs (to lazy to find paperwork and list separately) £333.64 I thought for ford main dealer this was a very good price as was quoted £79 on service just for air con. I use my local ford dealership live Herts Beds Bucks borders, I ride the magic roundabout daily
  3. Bt Audio - Crackly/stuttery

    I am not 100% sure if this is an issue with modern cars, if I had to have a guess sounds like interference, a friend had similar problem with home audio bluetooth multi room. Turned out his WiFi and door bell (wireless) interfering with signal. Have you got radar scanners or wireless camera's in car, are all audio leads to bt module secured and no movement at the connections. As said putting head above trench and an out of box suggestion if this helps. I am also going bt upgrade route so would be great to hear if you get things sorted.
  4. Stereo Change

    Can I ask? Have seen a few of the USB streaming modules on flebay, and the pictures that some have posted make the USB conectors look like it is not a mini USB, is this right and do I then need a wiring loom from Ford to connect a lead for USB? I have got a lead that is mini USB to female USB that gives me the lenth to get the USB socket in to the cup holder.
  5. Word Game

    Line manager
  6. Word Game

    Guitar string
  7. Stereo Change

    Just to add i found the link But in looking through you tube i have now found some video that have been posted by our European Mondeo driving friends, and these show the convers+ working and showing radio details. so i am now thinking does it depend on the radio brought or is it some sort of difference in the software of convers? I am aware that the euro spec mondeo is different to ours but i do not know if this is software as well.
  8. Stereo Change

    I was also thinking about this in the past. after finding you tube video ( sorry unable to find the link) the one making the film had fitted the eonon unit and yes the steering wheel controls worked BUT the convers + did not link and the screen did not show any info on the dash so have to see everything on the stereo unit. i decided that i will just wait and get hold of the bluetooth module that will give me streaming and usb, as i like the full info on the dash. I know this is not exactly what you asked but thought it might help you in making up your mind. Chris
  9. Spot The Poor German Car!

    car pulled out right in front of them,
  10. Word Game

    Burns hurt
  11. The cost of a refill is between £65-£85, I only fill up once a month day after pay day, so depends on how many shifts I have had in the month with taking AL and how they fell as 4 on 4 off shift patten. As some months I have got 1/4 tank left overs the light has just come on and range showing 90/110 miles left, have been lucky in the fact never really had less than range of 70 left. I would not go bellow this as in my thinking that is about 1 gallon left so any lower and at risk of gunk in bottom of tank being collected in to fuel lines.
  12. Like Jeebowhite, I also have 70 ltr tank, in my mondeo estate. 15 mile run to work 9 on motorway, driving in eco way could get 750+ out of tank (56mph on motorway) Normal 650/700 Work style driving 500/550. (Trained to btec level 3 emergency response blue light) My old cmax 1.8 petrol 400miles max in Sunday grandad mode Not as much fun when eco driving so now mix styles and happily getting 600/650.
  13. Spot The Poor German Car!

    Not exactly German car! but is is a German. Still at least they could now change the exhaust easily. 🙊
  14. Rear Knuckle Bush ???

    Can anyone please help, was told by ford that my rear knuckle bushes are beginning to show ware and crack. They then informed me that they would be happy to replace them at a cost of about £800 I have attached a photo that they sent to me, I was wondering at this cost is it a total suspension drop and if so would it pay to get the ford accessory lowering springs fitted while it was all down? Also is this a common fault? If it is not a full suspension drop can you do the job at home? thank you for any help in advance. Chris
  15. Finaly decided what way i was going to fit the cameras, some of you may have seen some of my post replies asking about cameras. I removed the glove box and was unable to see any spare gromets in the bulk head to feed a lead, so i decided to fit the wireless camera to the front and rear. I found a switched feed that was on a plug that was conected to nothing on the bonet catch area ( alarm lead not touched). i found an earth under the N/S head light. I mounted the front camera under the number plate it is cable tied to the lower grille. The rear is conected to the reversing light and I have picked up an earth in the same area. I took a feed from the rear cigarette lighter and run this to the tray that is by the drivers door, i secured the screen by the vent clip that was supplied, i ran a cable tie from top to bottom and clipped the vent clip to this. The switch that you can see in the cup holder is to turn the screen on and off as this has got a permenant feed. I did think like (sorry can't remember name) about cutting the glasses holder but i use this I do not use the tray.