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  1. OBD Port Attempted Theft

    Hmmm, I'm not sure. I tested it with a bluetooth OBD adapter and that definitely didn't work after removing the fuse and from what I've read on forums other people have recommended this. Perhaps the thieves that attempted the theft were also using a bluetooth adapter which is why it didn't work for them. I may take a look at breaking one of the wires behind the OBD port with a switch just in case.
  2. OBD Port Attempted Theft

    There aren't any disadvantages apart from the OBD port not working so you'd need to put it back in when it goes for a service. I think any window tinting would also stop the glass from coming apart but it would still break.
  3. OBD Port Attempted Theft

    It was the door window unfortunately. I had also read that they smash the small one ahead of the door but not sure how easy it is to get to the OBD port from there.
  4. OBD Port Attempted Theft

    First post on here so hello! I Was parked at work yesterday and my driver's side window was smashed. They had pulled off my Bluetooth OBD connector and the OBD compartment was left open so I assume they were trying to steal the car. From what I've read there are a few options to disable the OBD port but I can confirm that removing the DataLink fuse does work which is why I still have the car. I'll definitely be buying a Disklok though and some OBD port immobilised stickers to prevent any more broken windows! I'm not sure how common this is but I don't understand why Ford haven't sorted it out? Scott