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  1. Hi i too have a 57 focus zetec climate and mine does it occasionally but i think its to do with it being a certain temperature??
  2. you can buy kits and do it yourself mate its v easy, just done it to my 57 focus and they work well. loads of kits on ebay
  3. metallic only matey
  4. Hi mate the paint code for performance blue is 'H' as for the wheels i would just use moondust silver
  5. Ford Moondust silver will do fine mate
  6. As above im gonna fit a set myself and was wondering if anyone else had done it and any recommendations or ones to avoid etc..? looking at these ones i think http://www.parkingsensors.co.uk/dolphin_au...ing_sensors.asp
  7. i def wouldnt drive it without coolant in it!!
  8. i have a focus zetec climate 57plate with cd 6000 stereo in and was wondering if anyone can tell me if it shows cd track info when playing??? every cd ive tried it doesnt?
  9. your ford dealer will be able to tell you the exact name of the colour on your car by checking the chassis number.
  10. Not sure about the focus mate but with my last car (astra sport hatch) the locations were on the inside of the bumper as little raised circle outlines. hope this helps?