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  1. Is my MPG right?

    Fair play everyone, thanks for the input :)
  2. Is my MPG right?

    Hi Bobr, Well I reset the trip counter every fill up and I near enough clear the tank when I get to a petrol station, so I'd say 185 miles per £20. Using MPG calculators corroborate with my own findings - I'm getting just shy of 50MPG, and this is with extremely conservative driving.
  3. Is my MPG right?

    I own a 1.0 Ecoboost Zetec (2013). From £20 (at £1.15-1.20) I get between 180-195 miles, more often around 180 miles. I drive like an absolute granny - slow to accelerate and I brake well in advance, on the motorway I drive at 60-65. I bought this car to save fuel compared to my MG ZR 1.4 which did about 140-150 with the same amount of fuel. There is a saving, and though I wasn't dependent on the quoted MPG figures from Ford, I was hoping for something better than what I am getting? My tyres are pumped up to the spec as outlined on the passenger inner door and I am rarely stuck in traffic. In a day I do 45.5 miles, with 35 of them motorway driving. The MPG average on the car is 49.5 and every week it goes up by .2 or .1 as I drive better than the previous owner. Still, I was hoping for better. Thanks!
  4. I have the standard 15" alloys on my Fiesta Zetec. I love the way the car looks, but I think the standard alloys are too small and I would probably want to save my pennies for a set of 17's in either Gunmetal or black (because I'm lazy and don't want to clean the front rims all the time!) Is there anything in particular I need to do, like changing suspension? I know I must keep the rolling radius the same. Aside from getting part-scuffed alloys, is there a cheaper way to do this? Thanks.
  5. Apologies if this is a simple one. My floor mat appears to be wet, on the rubber directly between the accelerator and brake pedals. This appears to be wetter than it would be if it was just water on the bottom of my shoe, it's always in the same place (despite the never being any residual water on the left side where my foot rests when it's not on the clutch) and seems to persist, the day after it rains for example I will get in the car in the morning and there will be that wet spot still there. Possible that water is leaking from under the dash somehow?
  6. Hi, I believe it doesn't require a new DG hose as the one I have is a thick rubber - Ford Dealership also confirmed this. There's no crud in the coolant tank that I can see. Possibly just grease, but it didn't have a similar consistency to grease - it disappeared when rubbing in between two fingers where I'd expect grease to last longer.
  7. Hmm that may be it - it didn't have an oily aroma but then again I don't know what emulsified oil smells like as I scrapped the MG before it had a chance to knacker itself.
  8. So what do you think guys? I used to have an MG ZR and this spelled the end of all times - Head Gasket Failure, potentially new Engine Head, hundreds and hundreds in repair and labour... I've had this car three weeks... Tell me it's not had it already? Coolant was just under the ---LOW--- level so topped it up to max with Pink OAT, noticed when I unscrewed the cap it had this gunk under and around the expansion tank rim. https://imgur.com/CYEMNsA https://imgur.com/ZZcYReD Thanks
  9. Wicked! Thanks for the speedy response. I'm glad the tax is still free. Hopefully this and the increased fuel savings compared to my 1.4 MG represent better value for money :)
  10. Surely this isn't right, as the car is made in 2013, has 99g/km CO2 emissions so should be zero-rated on Tax, even after the new changes as it was first registered before 2017. Can anyone share some light on this? This is on the Gov's vehicle checker website to see if it has an MOT and Tax. Thanks.