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  1. Forscan Programming?

    I have, does the same thing just says reverse camera unavailable
  2. Forscan Programming?

    Problem is I don't even get a blank screen I just get a popup saying "reverse camera unavailable" I have fully updated sync, I have 1.1 with latest update done by USB I did notice my ACM was an older AM5T model so upgraded to a E1BT Everything seems to be set right but I get the DTC and no camera? Maybe someone with the same car/setup can send me their files from Forscan for me to compare???
  3. One Touch Issue

    Anyone? Enabled global opening/closing recently and that works flawless too it's literally just this driver window issue...
  4. Forscan Programming?

    Been looking into this everywhere and noticed the parts I bought to upgrade to sat nav included an acm with the part number AM5T but the one I removed was also AM5T, looking around though every sat nav set I found comes with an acm with the part number E1BT So decided to buy one with a part number of E1BT which I should have tomorrow so will swap it out and see if it fixes the acm error...
  5. Phone Holders

    Haven't got pics at the moment but can get some if needed I use a £10 halfords holder that goes on the windscreen and it's mounted to the far right bottom as close as I can get it with phone mounted. USB cable goes into the dash on the right hand side and down into the pull out panel where the diagnostic plug is, I then have soldered in an extension to the cigarette plug and hidden all the wires which then also runs into the diagnostic plug pulldown so I have a cigarette plug in there too so plugs in there :-D
  6. Forscan Programming?

    Yep all seems to work perfectly apart from the camera Even tries my old CD player bit see if that made a difference but it didn't still got the error code
  7. Forscan Programming?

    As an update Played with forscan a bit, still get the DTC but now I'm getting somewhere with the camera When putting into reverse it says camera unavailable Any ideas how to get this to work?
  8. Forscan Programming?

    Hi all Recently fit a sat nav and screen to my 2014 fiesta and programmed it in, so far all seems to be working well but couple bits not quite right Have enabled rear camera, have not connected it yet but expected the screen to blank but it doesn't? Secondly I get a DTC: ACM Module, U2101:00-2F Code: U2101 - Control Module Configuration Incompatible Module: Audio Control Module Is this just down to programming not quite right in Forscan? Maybe I missed something? I changed to with Navigation, changed to MFD 5 Thanks in advance
  9. One Touch Issue

    Help, one touch is not working on my drivers side window properly Passenger's side works fine but drivers side only goes down with one touch it wont go up with one touch, any ideas? Tried the reset options in another thread and in a manual I have but no joy...
  10. Any guess on what these wires are?

    So did some digging today and found not 1 but 2 "black boxes" So behind the glovebox it turned out the cable I assumed was coming in from the engine bay/battery to the loom wasn't the cable coming in at all, wires went from that loom up to the black box (insurance company black box by the looks of it) hidden in the top left, that black box was connected to a grounding point behind the glovebox towards the top and also connected to 2 thick wires in the cars loom that's clipped behind the glovebox. Snipped it and removed completely :-D The mysterious power from the battery didn't go into the car in the end but under the plastic below the window in the engine bay and hidden in there I found a Meta t30 a second "black box", also snipped and removed Thanks for the suggestions
  11. Any guess on what these wires are?

    You saying that has just made me realise I have fuses installed for heated seats but it doesn't have them, wonder if they can be retrofitted easily...
  12. Radio not turning off?

    Only owned the car a week so no idea
  13. Radio not turning off?

    Afternoon all Strange one, if I shut n lock the car it seems the radio doesn't completely power down, approximately every 10 seconds you can hear the CD player spin briefly and I think I can hear the speakers turn on/hiss Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas? 2014 Fiesta Titanium with stock Sony headunit
  14. One-Touch Electric Windows Problem

    Help, one touch is not working on my drivers side Passenger's side works fine but drivers side only goes down with one touch it wont go up, any ideas? Tried the reset options in this thread and in a manual I have but no joy...
  15. Any guess on what these wires are?

    Telematics, never thought of that, could be maybe It's the going into the loom bit that's a bit odd to me Gonna have to pull it apart some more at the weekend I think try and work out where the wires are connected to the loom