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  1. Focus Air con problem

    [Thanks again Mike regards Paul
  2. Where is the oil from?

    i had a similar problem on my focus it turned out to be a leaking clutch master cylinder, i hope it isnt as it cost about £350 to repair
  3. Focus Air con problem

    Thanks Mike..If the rad fan isnt coming on when it should, where might i start tracing the probelm?
  4. Focus Air con problem

    I have a focus tddi 2002 plate. I have a problem with this in that it seems to work better when the weather is cool but but if we have an exceptionally warm day, it works for a while then goes off. The a/c light seems to work but i dont here the click of the a/c clutch engaging, at least i dont think so. I assumed it needed re-gassing so i took it to Lucus auto's and they said it was low, so i thought that would have cured it, but it hasnt. It normally works properly at the start of each day, after which its a lottery. I would appreciate any ideas? Thanks
  5. Focus heater blower

    I'll give it a go then, Thanks Steve :)
  6. Focus heater blower

    Internal heater blower really noisy, not all the time but the sqeaking drives me mad. It's not easy to get at and i was wondering whether a good squirt of WD40 might do the trick?