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  1. Hi ya, i work in a bodyshop, its common. If having it repaired, make sure the filler cap assembly is removed. its quite easy, take off the fuel filler cap & you will see a phillips screw just of top centre, unscrew it & then rotate the complete black plastic assembly (with the fuel filler flap attached) anti clock wise & it will come off the car, this way you dont have to remove the fuel tank. I tend to use a die grinder to grind out rust/ corrosion then treat with Q-rust. skim it up with top stop. flat & then 2k prime. Prep & paint the quarter panel out. I always remove the rear quarter window too as its only 4 screws & it makes a much neater job. i always smear grease on the apature before refitting so as to repel any water spray coming up from the N/S/R wheel.
  2. Wadoo folks, just joined up. Been a ford fan for years. The wife & i have 3 cars, 2 of which are fords. We have a series 1 RS Turbo, had it 9 years now & only really comes out of the garage for its anual MOT, Covered less than 300 miles in 9 years, & the wife has a street ka as a dialy driver & our beer chariot for the weekends.