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    mk6 escort 1.616v finesse now rs2000 lol

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  1. Hi all been ages since i was last on here i now own a 3dr gti/rs2000convrsion under projects.ash
  2. my new motor

    here are some pice of my car
  3. pics 148.JPG

  4. pics 187.JPG

  5. pics 149.JPG

  6. my escort 16v

    here are some pic of my motor also pic of my new chrome door handles and my new fiesta zetec alloys
  7. hi every one

    hi and welcome to the club
  8. FOC Age group Poll!

    am 27 and i feel like an old !Removed! lol
  9. new member

    hi vinny its ashleyp from fec
  10. new member

    yea it is well looked after when i got it had full ford service and mots only at ford and every weekend i wash it then give it a good polish
  11. new member

    hello all my name is ashley i drive a 1998 mk6 escort finesse 1.6 16v will put pics up soon