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  1. Focus ST Line X 140

    Pictures as requested mark. any update on when you will be receiving yours? had the car a few weeks now and still really enjoying it, really nice car to be in when driving
  2. Focus ST Line X 140

    Gave it a wash today ready for tommorow to add the paint, glass and wheel protection (garaged overnight). Also swapped the standard headlight bulbs to some Philips whitevision ones. The Standard bulbs weren't terrible but there defo are whiter in appearance so I'm happy :)
  3. Focus ST Line X 140

    Yeah I did think on the way home about that 😂
  4. Focus ST Line X 140

    Oh and incase anyone is wondering about the spare wheel, mine came with a steel min use one. Which I would personally take over a tyre inflation kit any day
  5. Focus ST Line X 140

    Just got back from the dealers. they are the st line x mats, however they don't fit due to the factory fitting left hand drive ones 🙈. So my salesman is ordering the correct set in yet again can't fault the service I've received from the dealers
  6. Focus ST Line X 140

    Spoke with my salesman today and I'm popping over the dealers in the morning to hopefully resolve the issue. I don't think I'll have to argue the point as the dealer has always been great to deal with. Even got a full tank of fuel when I picked the car up as a thanks for purchasing another car with them.
  7. Sync 3 dab track info

    After looking the other day and not sorting it, then literally looking for five seconds this morning and got it to work 😂 Cheers mate
  8. Sync 3 dab track info

    Picked up a new focus st line x on Friday, my old fiesta used to display the track names and artists when using the dab radio. In the focus however it doesn't? I know it's a newer sync system than what I had in my fiesta but thought it would still display this info? Any ideas? thanks in advance :)
  9. Focus ST Line X 140

    Only issue I've noticed with the car so far, which is a small one. Is the mats that came in the car don't fit properly, only one of the push fit location lugs will fit on each of the front mats. Going to drop the dealer an email and see if they can advice and get it sorted
  10. Focus ST Line X 140

    Just had a look at the lights at night, they don't look as bad as they did in the daylight. Still may change them though I've had climair ones before on a fiesta, I like the idea and the look but found them to squeak which I couldn't stand lol
  11. Focus ST Line X 140

    Cheers. Im tempted to maybe change the headlight bulbs as the standard look a bit to yellow
  12. Focus ST Line X 140

    Couple of pics from in the compound before I picked it up. Will upload some more when it's had its first wash and protection added
  13. Dilemma, What Would You Do?

    I picked up a 1.5 182 st line x on Friday. previously had the 1.0 140 st line in the fiesta, I am glad I went with the 1.5 in the focus. The fiesta sometimes felt sluggish off the line but good once up in the revs, so personally i think it would feel underpowered in the focus. just my two cents worth, and depends what you are after in the car also :)
  14. Focus ST Line X 140

    Picked the car up today, first Impressions are great. Interior and doors feel more solid than the fiesta. Sync 3 is a big step up from what I had before aswell enjoying the 182 engine but haven't really opened it up yet! I'm sure the 140 will be good aswell I'll try and upload some pics. You'll like the car when you get it mark!
  15. Focus ST Line X 140

    Will look nice with the grey wheels then. yeah no trouble I will let you know how I get on with it, any news on when you will be getting yours? ive had a 1.6 na fiesta in the past and I would say the 125bhp version was on par with that and the 140 does have more grunt. Up in the revs it flies along